Aries/Aries Rising

If you are doubtful or sceptical that by yourself you can’t achieve very much at all, and you come to rely on others to stimulate you to explore your creative talents, then you may be missing the key to making yourself happy now.

You have so much creative potential right now, and developing it should be on top of your list if you are going to face tomorrow with any degree of viable competence. But you have to lead with your heart. This means you have to love your creations, without any expectations from others that they will admire you. 

Don’t worry, your freakish spontaneity and inventiveness is now about to serve you well. You just need to connect intuitively with those things you love and bring you joy. This is for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Taurus/Taurus Rising

Leaving the past behind may be hard but perhaps necessary, for this will give you a chance to move away from identifying yourself to something that is actually abstract and fast becoming redundant in your world.

Your future is calling you to take a more detached approach, to develop a more objective perspective. You may decide that in the end, being on your own is probably best for everyone involved, and all your history, and all your future can just fall away, only to let you intercept your own personal timeline and present yourself into this moment. Retreat.

Only in this mode will you be able to determine what on earth is really happening, and perhaps even come to enjoy your current relationships.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

A word is more than just a word. It is an emissary from your heart that will either aim to connect to the wishes of another or die an embarrassing death. And based upon how you’re getting that word across – how much you’re being not only understood, but thoroughly believed, you stand a chance at true success in everything you want.

Be certain to include your heart in all you say, practice being clear and to the point and avoid any exercise of speaking purely to indulge yourself . People have amazing intuitive powers these days, and whilst you seek to get your point across, the ones who truly matter are the ones whose visions can align with your wonderfully creative ideas. They will keep you honest and true, one way or another. 

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Are you valuing your assets on terms which others actually desire from you? Perhaps this is a time to adjust your whole value system or currency exchange between you and those you feel you wish to barter with in order to keep them in the game. Things have changed. Stuff does not have the same value as it did. Focus on the spirit of how you value those things you use to bolster up your self-worth. Is your heart involved?

You need to come eye to eye with what’s important in your encounters with others. Smart, sure, confident investments that benefit one another on all the levels where you seek satisfaction.

Leo/Leo Rising

Yes, you need attention. You want others to show that they need you, or at least depending on you.

On the surface, you will give the appearance of being completely engrossed with the world around you, aiming to gain some sort of mastery over your exterior circumstances. Your special inimitable way of being the drawcard in every crowd may have served you well in the past. However, a phenomenal new understanding is entering your consciousness which you cannot deny, not struggle to fight. You need to be your own lover first before you can expect love and admiration from others. you might wish to make concessions now in order to meet others halfway. Allow them the space, or even inspire them to love themselves and you will win over their support. 

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Sometimes we get into relationships which simply only serve one purpose. That they make us feel good about ourselves based simply on the premises that we believe that we are doing something good for them. Yes, of course, it pleases us to know that when we are serving others we are somewhat serving ourselves. This is all well and good, but its now time to ask whether your noble sacrifice is actually really helping someone or simply providing a crutch of support which not only continues to render them incapable of helping themselves, but at the same time is hampering your own individual opportunity to progress.

If you’re not doing thing for you, to please your own heart, then it’s all a waste.
Time to decide whether your charitable efforts are really getting you (or anyone) anywhere at all.

Libra/Libra Rising

It is important too that you evaluate the exchange that you are generating when you come to habitually depend on personal pleasures. Check yourself – are you giving your friends more creative control over your decision-making than they merit?

It is possible that in order for you to keep receiving the love and approval you feel is necessary, you actually dissipate valuable time and energy that you could perhaps devote towards some more fruitful personal development.

You might find that your friends or associates would still love and support you, even more so, if you decided to just take a much more independent approach and learned to do without all the tempting distractions.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

These times are different, and unless you chose to whole-heartedly embrace all the wonders (as mysterious and hidden as they may seem to you), you will never really quite know the full scope and breadth of what this great world holds for you. Let go of that old script that’s holding you to a role that’s patently expired for you. Define yourself in the most undefinable sense as someone who is completely new, fresh and alive.

A very important process has occurred, serving not only to raise question, but in the greatest sense, helping to disintegrate and to break through any subconscious patterns that may make you doubt, criticise and cynically dismiss even your greatest efforts to be free, and to transform yourself completely from the clutches of your very controlling and domineering parental/cultural conditioning. 

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Sure, it looks like your faith in your ability to succeed and do whatever you want to do is something that’s very strongly in your favour, and you may very well be able to give the impression that you know more, and believe in yourself well beyond means. But this does not completely override any hidden anxieties that you may harbour about actually being ready to face any real challenge when an opportunity is finally presented. This may be a real moment of truth for you. Do you really have what it takes to actually make some practical use of those creative ideas of yours? Or are you really, after all, only kidding yourself? 

Moment of truth.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Investing your effort into a worthwhile contribution to society is the best investment that you can make. You cannot possibly lose from making such a commitment. The old saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is going to have to be your mantra at this critically decisive point in your life.

Don’t let your hang-ups over making money hold you back from doing the most heart-loving thing you could possibly do. Don’t lose the earnest love and support you have already gathered from those around you because you’re weighing up your energy in dollars and cents. You will see (if you only look around) that this is the biggest problem with today’s society – why people are so mean, and why the world is in a real fix about understanding the quality and value of compassion and kindness. Go ahead, make yourself an example and lead the way with the spirit of your own generosity and kindness.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Part of the reason why you might be at odds with yourself at the moment is that you may be seeking to be accepted by the mainstream. This is not a reality for you and you know it. You don’t do mainstream. Just question whether your efforts to gain acceptance are based on what is genuinely true for you, and not made over some inner insecurity. Perhaps, deep down, you’re struggling to fit into a value system that your parents or your culture once found worthwhile, but has patently expired in today’s terms. realise that nobody really gives a damn about some of those old, outmoded standards any more.

Get real. Get in touch with your truth. What you have is going to really rock the whole preconceived notion of what was formerly expected of anything or anyone. Time for revolutionary action is here.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

One way that you can overcome some of the uncertainty and apprehension that you’re feeling in your life at the moment is by being a bit more daring in your interaction between the people you associate yourself with. Holding yourself back based on the possible rejection from others is a complete waste of your precious talent and efforts.

Being accepted and validated about your efforts is a good argument to not give 100% of everything you know you are. Put your heart and soul into your efforts. Do it for you.

And don’t worry. You are fine – perfect as you are, and proudly so. Perhaps you might find the strength to extend this certainty of self to all those special people around you too. Just one simple attitude shift can turn your entire world around and let you share the gifts you have that come straight from your heart.

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