Full Moon at 25°52′ AQUARIUS, August 18, 09:28 UTC

[Joseph Tomanek, Nymphs dancing to Pan’s flute, 1920]
It’s Full Moon time again. Time to do our ritual dance under the glorious moonlit night sky.

Of course, astrologically Full Moons are Sun/Moon oppositions – a high-water time on our lunar calendar, where the world of feelings☽ becomes heightened, in diametric contrast, or contradiction to our conscious will☉.

The monthly polarisation between these two most personal astrological ‘lights’, usually highlights certain rising challenges which must be observed in our lives, specifically flavoured by the prevailing themes symbolised by the current sun/moon sign polarity.

With the Sun shimmering proudly in its domicile Leo against the emotionally aloof Aquarius Moon, we may get to see the following dichotomy of themes playing out very visibly in our world:



I rule (autocracy)
  people power (social democracy)
my decision (I know what’s best)
  let’s put it to the vote (diversity)
check out my achievements
  it’s a team effort, dude
Master of the universe
  Free Agent

These prevailing themes must be either dealt with in a direct, head-to-head fashion, or become mediated, somehow be integrated into our conscious/unconscious behavioural balance. Therefore it becomes a test to our level of maturity on how well we can consciously respond to our instinctive side. Something in our behaviour has to give in order for a personal evolution to occur.

aq FM

With Uranus in Aries sextile the Moon and trine the Sun, the usual stress of the opposition is eased and supported by innovatively exciting ways to achieve our desired balance. Much insight is coming through to inspire us to take action that, though provocative and new, will help to break us out of old patterns.

The Moon’s quincunx to the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo (creating a yod with Uranus) is highly significant, ushering forth many surprising new analytical skills and insights from the subconscious which will facilitate breakthroughs and awakenings, both in science and spirituality. This will tend to benefit the individual more than the collective, manifesting as a personal determination to cut away from establishment, exterior organisation and order and focusing more on one’s own wit, power and authority to make decisions for oneself.

Since Mercury/Jupiter also opposes that shamanic teacher, healer and guide Chiron, we are also becoming introduced to the alternative dimensions of spirit and the sensitive, psychic realms. These are being brought through to us via relationships which awaken our rational minds to that of the imagination and fantasy.

So the the usual contrast that forces us to see and balance our more expressive, confident, proud Leo side, against our idealistic, egalitarian Aquarian side becomes enriched and inspired. Bearing in mind of course, that the T-square currently formed by Venus/Neptune/Nodes to Saturn, which does create difficulties as we seek to express ourselves intimately with others, yet feel restricted or blocked, psychologically cut off or wanting to withdraw. This is a theme that carries into Eclipse season next month, and what this Full Moon is telling us is that we need to take the gifts of innovation and inspiration to make personal change in order to transcend the grief that the 3D structured world is trying desperately to impose.

It is in many ways laying the final grounding for a revolutionary approach to self-management, relationships and government.

As in every opposition, the tendency will most probably be to espouse, or relate to one side (Leo/Aquarius) more than the other. Whilst we may hold sympathy for the other side, often projecting those themes onto someone in our exterior world, we must remain observant that these are both elements within us that now must be brought into balance and become integrated.

If we do not make an effort to bring these themes into symmetry within our world, to help improve our situation, then we may come to a challenging impasse during this time.

So how will it affect your world?



The struggle to find a true, authentic sense of independence and self-sufficiency will cause you to look deep inside for answers now. This can become an extraordinary opportunity for self-examination through which you may come to realise that what you have found deep in your heart somehow inspires you to reach out and bring great hope and leadership for great change in peoples’ lives.

If your imagination does become activated by this full moon, it is in raw, boundless, and abstract ways invoking a burning ambition to lead – an inner strength, whose futuristic visions come to cavalcade out of your wildest dreams and into your waking reality.

The challenge is whether you can you rise out of your self-centred childishness, and act in brave yet humble, effortless, understated ways, It is this mature flair for inventive, forward-thinking  that attracts others to your way.

In relationships:

Whilst it’s important to acknowledge any limitations between yourself and others, on this full moon it is equally as important to know and appreciate your many endowments together. This is a time to be open yet firm when blending your shared ideals in ways which show compassionate and kindness to all. Yes, it is important to exhibit creative and innovative forms of expression, but equally important to allow others to move around in your creations.

Love relationships may take on a more aloof, detached manner in this, and where there is no compromise or space there may be deals to just break it off – a kind of impasse in which any rigidity of egos can no longer be tolerated.

Where there is some cohesion, some element of trust, there is enormous opportunity to work intuitively together to enhance and improve every situation, both for yourself and others. The main benefits of being able to adapt to the growing pressures and changes of our times is that we help one another to evolve tremendously in the way that we relate. By taking a progressive step away from any ostentatious or arrogant behaviour and treating each other kindly, as peers – equals in every way.


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Leo-Aquarius Opposition – Autocracy vs Democracy

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