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Cosmic Scopes – Mars in Sagittarius (Aug 2-Sep27)


Mars is now in Sagittarius, where on August 24 will conjunct Saturn, a point in time when the two ‘malefics’ align, finally.  The righteous desire to impress one’s laws or moral standings upon others could potentially inhibit any ability to act. Repressed anger creates much pent-up energy and frustration which can potentially be draining. The masculine’s tendency to feel unsatisfied or inadequate about his sexual abilities may become expressed in some some dangerous or destructive ways.

An underlying need for certainty and to always know the outcome of things, could, in worst-case scenarios, have a debilitating effect on our creativity and ability to be open to constructive action.

It is a time to be cautious and disciplined with our actions. The underlying desire – the craving to be right at all cost, triumphant in our actions (even if these actions are driven by mere prejudices and assumptions) could potentially create awful complications which may ultimately only limit our ability to act in ways which will make any sense.

Much meditation (not pre-meditation) is necessary to arrive at a constructive outcome here. It is a time when there is much push to assertively make boundaries, set new laws and to actively organise ourselves. Concentate and focus on maintaining patience and persistence when working through blockages and difficulties.

The conjunction of Mars/Saturn occurs under the exact degree of fixed-star Antares – a”tough, belligerent and pugnacious influence. This is an important star for military personnel, it is said to convey mental alertness, strategic ability and courage to make daredevils” ~ Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928.

This combination may herald a difficult 2-year cycle in the world of law, justice, religion and politics, a potentially quarrelsome time for the structured 3D world of expectation, judgment and fear. Disciplined action in applying our beliefs is necessary, spawning a whole army of firebrand warriors who seek to enforce laws in most righteous ways.

How will you fare with it? Cosmic Tribe members, read more….

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