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Cosmic Horoscopes: Major Life Activations for Virgo Solar Eclipse, 1 Sep, 2016

Hey Tribe,

It is eclipse time.

As with every New Moon, it is an augury of a new beginning. Yet with eclipses, there is something far more profound and potent about the new terrain in which we are about to enter. You might have felt the intensity of its particular effect building for months, and either consciously navigating towards a certain new direction, or it may just dawn upon you as one big blaring light that rudely catches you in a blissful slumber, telling you that your life is now going in this direction.

Either way, like the arrival of a new baby, when it comes, you know this is for real. This is nothing fleeting – it’s here to stay. You get the feeling that whatever is happening now is going to be monumentally life-altering (whatever it is), and that just promises to shift your waking experience in such an irrevocable way that, even if you tried, you could never really quite go back to the sleepy old you that you used to be.

So here, wake up and see where this might take you.
I have included a special Intention for your sign at the end of each of these intensive readings, may the serve you well. (read both your Sun sign and Rising).

Blessings, and may you have an amazing eclipse.

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