Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Any uncertainty about which way to go, or what the future may hold for you, is probably because you seem doubtful about what’s ultimately going to yield you the best return on your investment. Effort takes time, and time is a precious commodity, right?.…..(read more….)

But what if time was not just a bankable resource but just an application that allowed you to unlock greater opportunities towards your personal growth? As far as your resources or your efforts are concerned, you can get deeply preoccupied with finding something that’s going to give you maximum long-term security, you can even obsess about these things…

The alternative? Try choosing something that allows you to explore your creative talents as fully as possible in this present moment.

See the value of acting responsibly in this precious moment is the greatest investment you can possibly make.

Sure, sounds risky right. A bird in the hand is so not the same as two in a well-planned bush expedition.

Perhaps it’s time to regroup a little… check out what your true motivations may be behind what you wish to achieve. You may be surprised to discover that your current creative potential is actually already capable of satisfying the pressing needs of your ‘larger society’. Check yourself.

In doing things that are based purely on taking the safe, conservatively measured option you often limit your ability to explore your fullest, most lateral scope of creative expression, your versatility to work from the heart centre.

Also you might find that there are many opportunities for applying your special skills in areas where healing of obvious, open wounds in others is urgently needed. Use your presence, your awareness, your keen powers of observation. Open your eyes, look around, and make a decision to act immediately. When you choose to do something that draws on your intuitive abilities and your enormous courage you will find that eventually security for the future comes as a natural by-product.

Ultimately, nothing is going to ever be as satisfying as the knowing that you’ve made a contribution to making this world a better place for everyone. And, if you can do this happily alongside others, then things may certainly become even more rewarding and fun for you and everyone.

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