Cancer/Cancer Rising

Maybe the desire to just relax and appreciate the splendour and grandeur of the good life is strong this week, and you could easily take advantage of your ability to manifest the necessary resources and funds to make that happen. However, some self-discipline is totally necessary from you now if you are to derive any true benefits from your richly creative potentials.……(read more….)

You might feel that your need to develop your most intangible assets to their fullest in order to fully unlock any potential gains. It’s not enough to just dream this week away. Unfortunately you may come to realise now that your main deterrent in succeeding is that you face being seduced and distracted by your romantic alliances or by other personal indulgences, losing yourself in the great vast world of speculation, mirth and folly ventures. These fancies of yours may definitely connive and conspire to drain your financial/physical holdings, so be mindful that you don’t just blow it all.

Finding true fulfilment in your exploits will come from making a determined effort to manage and manipulate your resources most efficiently. This could mean that you make a sacrifice or two to get the necessary help or guidance you might need to get stuff done. Maybe pay off debts while you are ahead instead of taking any gambles or squandering away that which is so tempting to spend.

Why not? If you want to be truly enterprising with your wonderful gifts then you might want to buckle down and find new, creative ways to express yourself that are compatible with your natural talents. Shine the light of inspiration for what all your worth, and mix this together with your ability to deal with practical pressures in a fun and playful way.

Who else can do that better than you?

There is a rare intimacy opening to you now to allow you to engage with those whom you love. In this, you can wholeheartedly engross yourself into all their interests. This is certain to produce a tightly knit group dynamic that appeals to everyone involved with you in every way.

Work it.

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