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Aug 19 – MOON in PISCES squaring MARS/SATURN

As the emotional realm now slips into the infinite seas of dreamy hypersensitivity, those who connect to this mode are prone to feel most vulnerable, tender and susceptible to the slings and arrows coming from the outrageously self-righteous ♂☌♄ in Sagittarius (09°♐53′, Aug 24).
The applying conjunction of the two ‘malefics’ has been threatening us for months with a near conjunction being sustained through April when ♂ became stationary near ♄.
The firm, unyielding desire to be ‘right’ at all costs may be sensed as a potentially crippling force against any activity deemed to be morally ‘wrong’. Much pent-up anger and sexual frustration is expressed outwardly as a dogmatic urge to enforce ‘law’. This is gradually increasing over the coming week.
We are all somehow prone to playing into this drama now, as the proponents of judgement and fear weigh in to heavily keep us all into line with our 3D obligations.
Over the next 24 hours you may feel overly sensitive to criticism or negative reactions coming from others, leaving you with no other option than to either accept severe heat for perceived indiscretions or to silently slip away into your favourite hideaway.
As the Moon moves closer to its conjunction with Neptune, the tendency to indulge in escapism (drugs, booze, lies, victimhood) may be met with a hounding pressure to face up (and account) to any delusional activity, creating awful misunderstandings and feelings of inadequacy.
More coverage on this in the WEEKEND report (soon) – meanwhile, stay mindful to remain as clear and present as possible in order to avoid any undue pain, shame and humiliation that may come your way.
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