Aries/Aries Rising

Why not choose now as an excellent moment to find a suitable medium in which to express your creative talents? What’s that you say…? You’re too easily distracted by the constant needs and insecurities of other people?……(read more….)

Yeah, for sure… you are so highly attuned to the incessant cries and constant pull of other people – like they are they are emotionally blackmailing you to drop everything and run to their needs. But see – you are actually more capable than nearly anyone in helping them sort out their problems – mostly because your keen perceptiveness of their hang-ups, addictions and emotional wounds is most acute to these things. Your powers of intuition and perspicacity into their affairs is so profound that now’s the time to apply all your creativity with hope to solve even the most difficult problems, heal the deepest cuts, bold face the biggest demons.

If you’re finding that this is generally expected of you lately, then that’s fine – just make sure that you can keep things in proper perspective, and if you feel like they are making unreasonable demands, then you should put a stop to it immediately or find ways to help them see that their dependencies are not sustainable.

Part of you secret power of course is that you can so relate to these problems as your own. Be mindful not to take any responsibility or blame for having either caused or abetted these in the past. And do not get involved if their problems are either your problems or there is a risk that you will adopt them as yours.

Focus on expressing yourself in a new, exciting way – one that definitely aims to help others break free, particularly from psychological habits. Make this a chance, through your art, or your brave-hearted efforts to express your own, undiscovered talents, as well as exploring new ways to penetrate deeper into the potential wealth of others, getting the most out of everyone you come to deal with. This applies whether they are professional contacts, dearest friends/family, or a sizzling romance. 

By taking a bit of a risk, being courageous (with some degree of emotional detachment), now is the perfect opportunity to conquer any psycho-sexual obstacles or addictions that may have formerly stood in the way own way of your creative progress.

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