Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

It would seems that sometimes, in your desire to get ahead, to gain the status and recognition you feel you so deserve for your accomplishments, you attract people who are difficult to please. Times like these make you wonder whether any reward for your efforts is worth all the unpleasantness that you have to put up with from others. It happens………(read more….)

Nevertheless, dealing with the cynics and critics is very important right now. Helps you learn how to protect yourself from any negative energies that seemed to get fired your way. Just know, that putting up with undesirable conditions is sometimes a part of the journey, and meeting this challenge successfully will propel you to become better organised and more capable of handling yourself – not just in social situations, but in your most significant partnerships too. Important, and useful life skills.

What you will ultimately learn is that trying to live up to other people’s expectations of you cannot possibly work unless you are naturally living up to your own fullest potential. This, and only this, is going to be your driving force, and ultimately your saving grace when looking to derive any true satisfaction from the things you want to achieve.

Also, try not to compare your own achievements to those of others. This will only complicate any creative decisions you have to make, particularly when it comes to designing your own unique career direction.

Perhaps it is advisable that you sit and meditate on what your best options might be, all by yourself. You may consult a career advisor, but bear in mind that what you may wish to do is largely incomparable and unprecedented in its suitability to getting the greatest possible potential out of you.

By uncompromisingly following your own precious intuition and maintaining full dedication and conviction in any challenge, you will learn to overcome any adversity during this time.

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