☉♍ Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

[dali zodiac, scorpio]
[dali zodiac, scorpio]
This eclipse has a potent effect upon you feeling like a valued member of your social circles – your friends, acquaintances, your local community, greater society, the entire human race for that matter. You usually look to entities greater than yourself to find the motivation necessary in order for you to create and execute personal plans and visions.

The ideal is always to make things easier for others, humanity in general, so the first thing that comes into focus during this period is indeed just how much you tend to get involved in managing or manipulating the detailed affairs of your chosen community, particularly those collective projects in which change and progress will affect the many in your greater social world.

However, since this eclipse activates the Saturn/Neptune square, whose influences may leave you feeling somewhat cut off from all this, in a sense be struggling with an apparent lack of group connectedness. Consequently your overall self-esteem and self-worth may be left feeling diminished or exhausted.

You may find out just how much emphasis you place on planning your life around your social activities and visions for tomorrow, coming to realise how your somewhat skewed perception of how you wished things to be has made you forget, or neglect the daily practical necessities of your life.

Extreme discrimination is necessary now when it comes to the associations, group bonds and affiliations. If you associate with incompatible kinds of people, those who fail to appreciate your own create level (not in the snobbish sense) you may feel like you are not achieving the kind of social cohesion that you strive for.  It’s best that you do not get involved in the petty social activities, not necessarily excluding them entirely, but focusing attention on activities in where your own depth of knowledge can generate thought (and adaptive change) in others.

Despite any drawbacks, the impetus for you should always be to act along humanitarian lines, social ideals, mental trends, anything involving the betterment and progress of humanity. This eclipse could definitely re-invigorate a broader perspective in how you look at the world, and whilst it may herald a complete shake-up in your social world, it will refine the discriminative qualities of how and where you apply your visionary efforts.

Choose your cause wisely/widely.


I take pride in my ability to command my own destiny without allowing others to manipulate or dissuade me from pursuing my great vision.

It is my progressive outlook that is admired by others which then inspires them to assist me in my striving to become a shining example of what the future promises for one and all.

I will only look back upon my life to take the lessons from any past mistakes, choosing to let go of any residual pain, knowing that I must never repeat those mistakes in the future, nor hold a grudge against those who have come to teach me any valuable life lessons.

As much as I honour my parents, I acknowledge that their programming was mostly geared towards living up to their own standards and expectations, not mine. I will be the one who determines what standards are appropriate for my own, contemporary society and its needs for a brighter tomorrow.

It is my solemn insight that I can never really follow in anyone else’s footsteps – even those I admire the most. I now blaze my own trail down a road that has never been travelled before. In this way I will lead others who come to seek direction.

This journey is about going my way. I am now mindful that my rebellious nature is not just a blind reaction in my reluctance to sacrifice my personal growth for the sake of fulfilling my parents’ expectations.

I will look to find a suitable cause that I can champion which improves the social conditions of my group or community. I will fight to defend the rights and social justices of the underprivileged and the oppressed for the sake of the higher good.

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