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The Week Ahead: July 25-31

This last week of this very long, tiring month of July promises only one thing: More surprises in ways that many of us will by now have come to accept as a part of our daily diet, regimen and routine.

More surprises?

With Uranus, Lord of disruption to the established order of things coming to station at 24°30’Rx on Friday (Jul 29, 17:45 UTC), we must come to terms with the reality that our precious, orderly world (♄) – now besieged by the floods and changing moods of insecurity and heightening sensitivity (♆) over the past two months – is presenting a state of the strangest manifestations in how we are to approach the underlying problems of our formerly cherished social order.

Whilst this is perhaps not the most comforting news to many of you, who are perhaps already approaching a state of exhaustion trying to maintain some level of sanity, it must be said that never has there been a more pressing time to snap away from the formula and look outside the square for more original and unique insights into problems whose nature may be hidden. In this, there are ways to employ your ingenuity and imagination to deal with this fast eroding physical reality.

Sounds a little complicated doesn’t it?

It almost needs to be. With Uranus coming to a halt this week, then turning retrograde, means that the urge to pursue a genuinely unique direction becomes an internalised process. Like a mad professor who locks himself away in his lab to experiment on some new invention or theory, or the revolutionary who shuts himself off in his attic to draft his manifesto, or the meditator who distances himself up to a mountain top to channel profound new insights, the quest is to move towards a progressive way of being. This energy is now being held within, pulsing and re-pulsing through one’s entire nervous system, producing a clear, profoundly analytical approach towards coming up with a  ‘provocative new truth’, to be revealed (or unleashed) when this rebellious outer planet finally goes into direct motion again (Dec 29).

[art: danny galieote]
In this way Uranus Rx affects us all. We launch into a deeper, more personalised connection to our inner revolutionary voice so that we can access a glimpse of something new, something evocative and wild in these next few months. With Uranus in Aries, there are many self-satisfied elements infused into the utopian plan. One thing is certain, with the isolationist tendencies already raised by the prevailing Saturn/Neptune square (Jun-Sep) we will be increasingly seeking much solitude to explore our foray into a whole new dimension of mental activity, one that will intuitively guide us to contemplate a whole new understanding in our lives, or perhaps the lives of those around us.

For my clients and those of you following my work on the Cosmic Tribe, it is undoubtable that by now you at least understand the value of harnessing the power of this precious moment as the pivotal time to relinquish all baggage. Those wise enough are learning not to squander their precious energy on matters that do not concern them, and are perhaps even learning to avoid them gracefully.

The writing is now sprawled upon every wall in every city, in every state of every nation.

“It’s time to change our ways”.

The tension between those old, established patterns and the emerging new ways of being will become inescapable now, as Saturn slows to go direct himself soon (Aug 13). We are going to have to deal with anything that upsets us as brave, mature adults. In this next few weeks, as these two discordant planets stop and grind against one another (sesquisquare), the desire for safe, orderly and conventional organisation comes into profoundly uneasy conflict with the mad desire to break away and experiment with different things and new methods.

More reminders, more upsets and turbulent events in our daily lives – almost constantly now signifies how critical the need to take our own unique abilities and gifts more seriously – and put them into action, use them. Suddenly the urge to break out of old programming and restrictions comes to override that dreaded fear of letting go. Even the most rigid, obstinate, ignorant or self-absorbed in stupor will succumb to flashes of insight into what is not working in their lives, and either choose, or be forced to look at new ways and inspirations in how to fix it.

Tuesday’s Aries Moon will pass through this highly agitated point (24°30′) accentuating nicely what we are talking about here. Those who are highly sensitive to others will reach their limit now, having an aversely negative reaction to whatever is bothersome or irritating, breaking away, often without much warning or even much thought. Needless to say that it is wise to be on the highest levels of awareness about ourselves.

Our threshold of tolerance for nonsense from this point forward becomes incredibly low, so be cautious that either you, or others in your world do not cause a sudden ‘riot’, in a rash retaliation to something that they abruptly realise isn’t working for them any more. The Leo Sun has an uncomfortable way of bringing the drama out into the open.

With this ‘grind and irritation’ being the main theme all around us now, it is advisable for all who care to stay sensible, present and aware to find themselves their quiet little personal chamber, cubicle, corner, dungeon, tower, etc. where they can isolate themselves a little and work in stillness and solitude on their ‘being in present time’ practice.

With the Sun now in Leo, there can be a lot of undue ‘heroics’ around, which in the lowest, most egotistical expression can become proud, belligerent battles for domination and dominion. Let us employ the higher ray of Leo consciousness and be radiantly aware that this is not about you – this is about ‘it’ (it’  being the ‘walking our talk with the greater Spirit‘).

Intercepting the excruciating pressures of the linear, structured world is going to take some technique, tools and practice. It will not happen by ‘accident’.

Make change in your world a matter of conscious choices, not as a blind reaction to hapless events or ‘accidents’ now.

Be present,
And have an amazing week,
Blessings xx

Join me this week on the Cosmic Tribe for more intensive notes on how to work with all this, as well as the August Forecast.

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