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The Week Ahead: July 18-25

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This week, no small fry in the series of big weeks in July.
We’re seeing massive breakdowns, on every level.
Again a gentle reminder to not engage in making good/bad judgments. Even the atrocities and really painful stuff must be seen as nature’s way of trying to broker some shift away from liberty, one that is true, not one that is sold to some of us as ‘liberty’ but somehow comes at the extreme cost of oppression and hardship to many.
Time to start looking beneath the surface, reading between the lines.
It would appear that the world is now starting to become so irrefutably insistent on striking total independence. We will observe a lot more unrest, disruption, and hurt feelings or misunderstandings. Therefore, must stay mindful not to get involved in the mania and recklessness out there. Much will persist to want to break up.
Allow it. Don’t join it, don’t fight it. Let it go, let it be free.
Of course, some of the letting go might hurt. But big changes are inevitable where circumstances become exposed as unworkable or unrealistic. If you are going to be part of the revolution, let it be a revolution in the head.
Let the pundits fight it out there. Just focus on maintaining a neutral perspective that this little hiccup in linear time is absolutely necessary.
As our dear friend Uranus, ruler of the fourth-dimensional field, enters the Saturn/Neptune (3D vs 5D) scenario, coming to station (July 29 @24°♈30’Rx) less than one degree off an exact sesqui-quadrate to Saturn (stationing on Aug 13), fiery tension (as well as irritability and inhibition) will remain tight over this whole next month, tightening most intensely through August, not releasing till mid September.
So great rumblings ahead. As stated in last month’s ‘July Forecast‘ – “Social activists will be championing their favourite causes, conservative leaders will be challenged and overcome by more liberal, or radical chieftains, but most significantly, innovators and scientists would unveil such phenomenal discoveries that would essentially revolutionise the world of commerce and communication as we know it. This period also activates the true, hyper-kinetic CRYSTAL CHILDREN, born in the last 30-40 years, whose effect on raising global consciousness will take on many disruptive forms – some very difficult to cope with, let alone understand. These will eventually wipe out our entire notion of all we know about the current, standard model of the 3D universe (the world of matter and density) in less than two more generations.”
Observe what is happening with keen interest, but be mindful that very little calls for your direct involvement. Very little has to do with you per se. This last few days of July is a very good time to separate yourself from anything that continues to play into the dense world of fear, judgement and oppression.
An intensive analysis & study of the main aspects this week, activating through this critical Full Moon is included here in Part 2 of our Full Moon report.  This is a phenomenal time in world security, and as ‘leaders’ juxtapose their plans to defend us, ‘followers’ seem to be not following as easily.
The Sun moves into Leo on Friday (July 22), turning the spotlight away from areas of security and comfortability with ourselves (Cancer) to self-awareness and confidence (Leo) highlighting where we shine brightest, and how we express ourselves most uniquely. Leo the lion is about sovereignty, so it’s going to be an interesting month.
So stay on the sunny side, at least until the end of the week, knowing of course that this Full Moon will mark a time of great endings for many, particularly on the home/domestic front.
After all, there’s really no security left in clinging to the dross and dead wood of yesterday, and sad as it may be, it can no longer care for you because deep down – in truth – you have lost faith in that illusion.
Have an amazing week xx
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  1. Pray tell what are the ‘homeless’ to do!? as no one cares or responds.. Much talk of change and improvement and let go by those who are accumulating wealth from this time of hurt (was the hurt essential I think not) Holy hippy’s who did BUY land place from goddess earth patriarcal acts by those who talk of matriarcy, controlling and using fear for personal gain! on a few to meny levels.

    Ommm ph

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