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The WEEK AHEAD – July 11-18



With Mars still at the 23rd degree of Scorpio, anger, vengeance and violence are exceedingly easy to access and almost effortlessly unleashed. Mars stationing on this degree would be triggering many youths of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (1984-95), Uranus (1975-81), as well as energising those with Neptune in Scorpio (1956-70).

The station at 23° Scorpio created a sustained MARS ⊼ URANUS (June 17 – July 17), creates situations where we want freedom but often, in our haste, cannot execute it without making an awful mess of things. We are seeing civilisation continue to be further plagued by sudden spontaneous acts of insurgency – forces of progress and modernity clashing against those of reaction, whose whole vendetta of bloody rage comes into conflict with those that seek meekness and peace.

The square to Uranus from the Cancer Sun (Saturday 16th July) creates a definitive revolutionary moment – an event that promises to quake the security of many family-minded beings. Immediately, whatsoever shall occur that disrupts our world of comfort and routine, will immediately send out calls for healing, when by the weekend when the Sun creates a proper grand trine to Mars/Chiron (Sunday).

Soon, Mars will return to righteous-minded Sagittarius (Aug 2) and vengeance will transform into a higher calling. The higher the calling/the harder trial is the belief in the ultimate moral justice and the inevitable victory of righteousness over wrong. This requires an almost religious faith in fate, and that can be hard for some to accept, but accept it we must through this intensely difficult transit, since Mars will at some point come to form a conjunction to Saturn (Aug 24).

The great danger that we keep perpetuating for ourselves here is that we keep proliferating violence and counter-violence as justifiable to ail our wounds. The moment any person comes to accept as justifiable an act of violence upon another — whether physical, spiritual or otherwise — that person has already lost the moral battle, even if he is currently winning the somatic one.

Venus, now past the midpoint of Saturn/Neptune, two outer planets who are locked into a protracted square until September, dissolving away our misconceptions and unrealistic dreams by introducing increasing pressures and limitations from the physical world. We sense that much might not be working in our relationships, but afraid to let go.

Venus, now joined by Mercury as ‘evening stars’ becomes critical in our decision making.

Venus represents the choices available to us – the things we choose, the people we admire, the relationships we wish to form. She becomes the ‘scout’ planet, followed by Mercury who tries to convey these choices to the Sun in an intellectual way so he can make a creative decision. All three are in watery Cancer, so comfort and security are prime themes in how we wish to form a sense of certainty about what is going on in our lives. Venus in Cancer seems clingy and kinda afraid to let go of habits and comforts, even though they are sinking her self-worth into the ground.

Over the next 7 days, as all three ♀,☿,☉ pass through the lugubrious ♄/♆ midpoint, we will be presented by a set of choices which often ask us to deny our own whimsical interests for the sake of putting family or domestic affairs first. This is often tinged with a sense of idealism, but with an understanding too that any choices made will most likely entail a sense of suffering and call for a denouncement of our own personal pleasures.

We will then try to rationalise these choices in a way that tries to reason their importance to us. Even though some things seem practically impossible, insufferable to some extent – their influence upon our lives most likely destined to prolong a sense of confusion and chaos that we seem trapped in, that in some warped way we can make them work out if we only put our minds to it (mind over matter).

By the time the Sun hits this midpoint (July 17) a decision will be made that may be largely based on some skewed, highly subjective reasoning. We may decide that it is important to deny the self for the sake of fantasised personal/family/home commitments. Needless to add then, that our own physical vitality and health may be prone to becoming drained in any confused efforts to achieve a seemingly impossible state of security, and all certainty around our domestic security is thrown into discord and disarray.

It’s hard to stay grounded about all this now, about how best to pursue personal choices for a sustainable emotional security against the backdrop of our societies’ undergoing one of the most phenomenal slides in recent history into the abyss of uncomfortable changes.

The Sun’s square to Uranus (July 16), as well as the Capricorn Full Moon (July 19) w/Uranus at T-square should see us trying – on one side, to hold on to convention, whilst on the other desperately trying to liberate ourselves by lapsing into wild and rebellious behaviour from everything we were ever conditioned to believe.

The grand water trine between Sun/Mars/Chiron (Sunday 17th July) will inspire many with the Spiritual Light to act, and not repress those powerfully emotional impulses when felt. It will bless us all with the ability to bring to light the real and true nature of conflicts and what they have to teach us.

When we all can see clearly that the ultimate goal between us is harmony and not hate, rectification and not retribution, we begin too to see that there is a chance to see our way forward. But we all need to start here and now, by doing this simple thing: Seeing every person as fully human, deserving every day to make it home to the people he loves.

and have an amazing week

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