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VENUS – July 6-8

In spite of its intensity and drama, this week can also create a soothing environment through which we process some deeply personal matters. This is a rare, and healing moment where we can clearly see where we are getting stuck within our affairs. Your spirit will guide you to clearly overcome any little hang-ups you may have with the aesthetic, the attractive, the sexy, the emotionally comforting and the physically warming.
Those things are important, but such is the soul-stirring now that any slight compromise to our inner voice for the pursuit of purely whimsical desires and securities may seem hollow, worthless and ultimately obstructive to our path forward.
So it is important to see that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to all our struggles, Our current conflicts are necessary. They are a vital part of the healing process, serving to reactivate and propel our spiritual growth.
Let’s look at every clash as a deep realisation that our differences are a necessary part of understanding our relationship to this moment. They are to be celebrated rather than berated. Notice that every conflict is an opportunity for us to find something constructive and of value in those with whom we find ourselves closely enmeshed.
Your intuition will always know just what is working and what isn’t. Ask yourself – am I being fair and generous in my disputes? Is my thinking kept along simple lines? Am I listening to those things not being said? What are those telling me? Is my criticising others merely a craving for the very qualities that I lack myself? What am I trying to tell them?
Anyway, there can be no healing without crisis – some degree of discomfort or pain is necessary (darn it). Whilst it can be a tender, delicate task, always scan for the root cause. If your home or dwelling is not close to the ground, your lifestyle not modest, graceful, humble, your work not enjoyable, if you are not being present in your family life, feeling more controlled than governed, then it is time to become unstuck from any static ties and move forward.
In doing so, you promise to release others to do the same.

MERCURY, July 12-13

So now it’s Mercury’s turn to pass the ♄/♆ midpoint, and in a whimsical, Cancerian way, the test will be to communicate in a such a way that is both sensitive yet sober-minded enough to see things for what they are. And accept what they can never be.
We are often so caught up in our instinctive, habitual ways to see things objectively.

But enough is enough. Some things can no longer be ignored.

Observe how negative psychic forces continue to cause upsets to your nervous system.
Observe the frustration that arises when you fail to pick up on the subtle (difficult to say) messages someone close to you is trying to relate.
Observe how, in your adherence to some capricious, often highly subjective idea you tend create only chaos and confusion in the order of things around you.

Mercury’s involvement in a Grand Water Trine with Mars/Chiron strongly accentuates that this is time to clear away the mucky dross, and to be fierce with dealing with any unkind or destructive energies.
Yes, it time to be decisively serious, yet with a sense of subtlety in how you get your point across.

This is no time for ambiguities – time to put our minds to work in order to bring healing into a situation that is no longer fruitfully sustainable.

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