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Ok, so July kicks off with nothing less than….

  • Mars entering Leo
  • A Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer
  • Venus entering Cancer
  • Saturn perched at the South Node
  • Mercury and Chiron both turning retrograde.

... all in the first week. Talk about your “bonfire of the vanities”. If you’re wondering why suddenly things are falling apart, and suddenly there’s a void, and suddenly you discover that all along you’ve had an attachment that you must now process, heal from and let go…


SEEKING THE TRUTH (and getting a million different versions)

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Well, did we did warn back in May that June was going to be a time of “coming back down to earth with a rousing good thump”?

In one sense, this delusion-shattering, truth-awakening few weeks, as hosted by Jupiter’s partile to the now separating Uranus/Neptune semi-square (♅∠ ♆) has sent many a pensive sophist soul-searching for some, yet curiously, not very convincing to anyone, ‘truthful’ answers. On top of this, somewhere between truth and fantasy lies a sea of confusion, misunderstandings and desperate hope.

Rather than bolstering our collective faith, our personal ‘awakenings’ to truth seem only to inflate our arrogance, pushing our ignorance to file ranks along the extreme perimeters of being “right”…or “left” (or “wrong”).

Whilst Rx Jupiter seeks the truth within, his square to Rx Neptune ensures that there is no ‘hope’ for any absolute answer. Nothing can make us truly happy unless we know the truth for ourselves, and the more we ask others, the more elusive it becomes.

After all, one cannot be told, nor taught the truth – it is simply the timely result of one’s personal discovery. Meanwhile, the exterior world becomes saturated with teachers, guides, preachers, prophets, scholastic politicians and digital mystic-gurus. It would seem that humankind is caught up in a massive wild goose hunt for who knows what… maybe someone to put some meaning to this apparent happiness that we’re supposedly all enjoying.

[image: archaeologists study a colossal Olmec stone head in La Venta, Mexico, 1947]

Over the past two years, the soul-dissociating aspect of ♅∠ ♆ has led our entire humanity down a variety of strange, almost surreal ‘rabbit holes’ for us to fool-heartedly research and explore. Meanwhile, each time we take off on another interstellar trip, we disintegrate our grip on any former notions of ‘reality’.

These subtle, soul-shocking, wave-distorting micro-insights into other dimensions have left our waking consciousness spinning, pondering over which ideas are true and which are just paralysing and confusing to our psychic well-being. Now, as we brace ourselves for re-entry to a slightly different earth, we question the significance of these magical mystery tours and how indeed they have enriched our lives, if at all. Sadly, many are yet to recover full consciousness, and it is questionable whether they have the capacity to come back down to earth at all.

Still, we have at least become exposed to (even embraced) some alternative kinds of realities, ones which have raised expectations that something of a supernatural, almost extra-terrestrial force is hovering over this plane, trying to share its intelligence with us. In our openness to both the absurd and the mischievous, we have learned to let go of a lot – mostly the constructs in our minds that our world is structured and orderly and predictable. We have learned to finally accept that it is not, and perhaps has never really been. To this day, there are great mysteries which elude us, many secrets about our past which our elders and ancestors take to the grave, many truths which remain under tight seal because their power to transform or destroy humanity is priceless to some, whilst easily abused by many.

Super-touchy times:

The Sun’s ingress into Cancer (Solstice) has only jacked up our personal sensitivities, and with Mars exiting Cancer, re-joining the soon-to-retrograde Mercury in Leo (Jul 8), little will temper and tame our rashness – especially where pride and prejudice are involved.

☿ ☌ ♂ | ☿/♂ Sqq ♃ |☿/♂ Sqq ♆ | ♂ □ ♅

Only the sensible and wise shall do well to stay out of the political fray. Seeing how to show up with a ‘well−informed’ mind these days only poses a threat upon the pride and vanity of others, to assume that one is ‘well-informed’ is in itself a seriously questionable conjecture. It isn’t hard to become fiercely embroiled into any debate during this tense dynamic (see left), yet this could prove perilous to all who tout their inflated academic credentials, or purport their sage, mystical powers.

Hypocrisy grates hard under these stars, and here, it is the truly sensible who may wish to sit this intellectual fight out, hold to their centre and avoid the unwinnable battle of ‘educated biases’ versus ‘moral truths’ as the week ahead will show.

We are all hypocrites. We cannot see ourselves or judge ourselves the way we see and judge others.

~ José Emilio Pacheco

Saturn at the South and Social Isolationism:

Saturn’s month-long conjunction to the South Node only intensifies our rigidity. Adaptability and co-operation with others suffers wherever rigid personal habits and ambitions put us out of sync with prevailing cultural attitudes. Overcoming the isolation, even in the most personal relationships, we must learn to co-operate and adapt with the ideas and the methods of today’s society. Chief problem here, as mentioned earlier, is that few of us agree on much, so instead close ourselves off further.

In isolation, under the retrograde spin of nearly all planets (except Venus/Mars) through the course of July, we achieve things which put us in a genre all of our own, especially through individualistic and painstaking approach to any work in which all external influences are disregarded.

The Power of these Eclipses:

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As July rolls on with its Eclipses (2/3rd – Total Solar, 16/17th Partial Lunar) things become intensely personal. Since we are learning that it’s better to stay out of philosophical, political and moralistic arguments; choosing instead to disconnect and isolate ourselves from others, we become ever more cautious and protective of our inner sanctum space, our privacy and emotional security.

Yet as we find, after the past two years of tripping out on the ‘cosmic fantastic’ there is no returning to any ‘past’. We must prepare to form a new home, only by letting go of sentimental ties and toxic attachments to what we misconstrue to be our past. Any preconceived notions that we will ever return to times of greater domestic security, of fuzzy, warm places/ people/ things/ legacies etc., where all our backgrounds lie buried are best dumped quickly, left in the fastest way possible.

These eclipses will bring events which warn us to leave the past behind and never look back, for every moment that we spend back there, reminiscing, pining for a return to ‘the good old days’ will be wasted. Nothing from our past can truly bring us comfort, because it’s dead, never to return. Instead of bringing us security, going back to the old leaves us exposed, for in the traces and ruins of our past is a version of ourselves with which we no longer wish to be identified.

Whilst past years always seem to be safe ones, they are merely vanquished and distorted by our feckless memories. Meanwhile, our future hangs over us like a dark, ominous cloud, foreboding and formidable on the distant horizon.

It’s time to pull it in and work with it intensely, privately, work it out all on your own. For the time being at least, know that anything could happen out there and that you have no control over it. It best not to be attached to any outcome whatsoever. Only your deep, inner self knows the anguish of your emotional attachments and assures you that letting go of what you think you need to be happy is the first step towards letting go of your unhappiness.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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