Full Moon at 27°40′ Capricorn (Part 2) – Astrological Analysis


Capri Full Moon 1

Moon Opposite The Sun in Cancer (July 19, 2016, 22:57 UTC)

The Full Moon wants to make a contrast.

By the Cancer Sun’s light, your will is to make yourself emotionally happy and secure. You want comfortable home, harmonious marriage, happy family, domestic order. Yet, the Sun emanates its power from within. It does not seek to do this using anybody’s help. You either identify with this energy or you identify someone (or something) in your life as that who will generate that for you.

The Capricorn Moon has needs. They are pressing, often denying all emotions, reserving any expression of feelings in deference to duties and responsibilities – investing all instinctive reactions towards tending to the practical necessities of life. You either resonate with this, or expect someone to be there to support you in this way.

The opposition here makes obvious that struggle going on between getting what we want meeting with having what we need. Since the two are diametrically disparate, much compromise is necessary, otherwise there will be irreconcilable conflict.

The Saturn/Neptune midpoint (-1°41′)

In the midst of Saturn/Neptune season (Jun-Sep), this Full Moon (Sun/Moon – ‘marriage’ axis) perfectly intercepts this square.

This represents an excruciating sense of suffering – both physical and emotional. It is the subtle, but harsh realisation, or a rude spiritual awakening – a ‘coming down to earth’ experience, as we come to terms with the fact that our ideals fail to meet up with the practical implications of our most treasured, most personal situation. A growing weakness that can no longer be denied creates a need to withdraw, separate or deny both the inner and outer sense of self here, compounding the basic struggle made in our desire for security and comfort against those apparent unfeeling elements in our exterior world.

Whilst the Sun/Moon is a most personal point, the Saturn/Neptune influences are so vast and transpersonal that it is not easy to to identify their direct source unless we can instinctively come to terms with those subtle forces which are oppressing our society. Whilst these influences remain strong until September, they now strike us in a most personal way during this lunation.

The Uranus @24°28 – T-square (-3°12′)

Uranean energy is sudden, shocking and impossible to predict unless we step into a state of full attentiveness to the present moment. Its influence here – not only intercepting the Sun/Moon axis by T-square, but also now contacting Saturn/Neptune, adds to the tension and the apprehension that our already weakening sense of security is undergoing. A nervous paranoia develops that things may be about to break apart, often without warning.

Uranus in Aries often manifests as explosive or insurgent outbursts of fiery energy, it has zero regard for anything other than exacting its own, selfish urge for freedom and independence, as well as flagging itself behind utopian ideas for reform and revolutionary zeal.

It is the shrillest sounding whistle alerting us to the fact that we are ready to leave the already eroding constraints of our relationship to the 3D world.

Again, it must be said that this disruptiveness not only affects us personally, but its wider effects are evident in the way that its manifestations often disturb the greater social or cultural order in ways that can never be reversed. It is important to note that Uranus defies judgement, acting from outside the realms of conventional understanding, it is a force that shows no clues for detection prior to its effect. Many surprises will continue to confound, disconcert and bewilder those who continue to cling to unrealistic notions of a 3D ‘social order’ or whimsical (but delusional) personal security needs. For those expecting freedom and innovation, this can come as a sudden release or liberating force. Expect the unexpected – either from known sources, strangers, or even from yourself.

The inclusion of the True Nodal Axis (along Neptune)

NNSince the Nodal axis is about the collective fate, its applying contact (South Node conj.) to Neptune (Nov 3) sucks us all into a sea of confusion and hypersensitivity whilst the the T-Square to Saturn (Oct 8) means that this Full Moon lies within  00°03′ of the ♄/☊ midpoint.

As we can see by the chart (left), there is a major 8th harmonic syndrome being formed – a very tightly linked combination of squares, semi-squares, sesquisquares and oppositions that will erupt in events or incidents that have a combined flavour of all the players – ☉,☽, ♄, ♅, ♆, ☊. 

In many ways, the pressure for separation, seclusion and isolation due to growing feelings of discontentment, discomfort, hindrance or oppression by others creates perhaps one of the most socially uncomfortable times in recent history. All signs point towards finding a sweet, quiet place where one can literally cocoon or incubate, as if it is a necessary part of the self-reflection process indicated most strongly by this Full Moon. Feelings of being cut off from others will instigate a different act of rebellion – one that is not only quite personal, but urges one to go deep within.

Even the most staid and reliable of relationships will undergo a period of minimal involvement as those who fear to make changes that will allow the past to fall away may find themselves increasingly drained, both physically and emotionally, by the events  that unfold (however seemingly insignificant).

The Grand Kite with Mars/Chiron


The prevailing trine through July between Chiron and a recently stationing (turned direct) Mars has created a blessing of sorts through all this melancholia, and holds the key to much healing and release via the Grand Kite. This divine formation ushers a time that will inspire many with the Spiritual Light to act, no longer to repress, very powerfully emotional impulses when felt.

There is tremendous power in this formation to bless us all with a new ability. It is the gift to shine enormous light upon whatever is the real source and true nature of our conflict, wounding, pain and the shame that surrounds it. With this, arise some very important teachings and innovative new tools that we may apply, first upon ourselves, later on others to help them heal and transform themselves.


To sum up, the message here is that we must now forcibly face up to some home truths. As humans we are instinctively creatures of comfort and so quite partial to our little habits and habitats. We are also disciplined and innovative enough to find ways to secure, maintain and develop these habitats in order to keep them sustainable against continuously changing exterior elements. However, there are times (like these) where we are reminded that we have become a bit too clingy, lazy or complacent in comfort zones whose exterior structures are no longer viable or sustainable due to a depletion of physical/emotional resources. Our existing structures, and the responsibilities to make them work have become patently unsuitable for what the present moment demands of us.

As such, in our denial to face up to the ‘realities’ of our situation, in our blindness, neglect or ignorance of many physical limitations, we are placed in a domestic situation which – for its promise of safety and security – has become almost untenable.

A revolutionary action is needed now, and though we are seeing all kinds of bizarre outbreaks in our exterior world, these are only symptoms of an ill-expressed rebellious energy that seems to erupt, nearly everywhere now, trying to remind us that our 3D structure (and all its leaders and proponents) are no longer able to provide us with that much desired safety.

This time calls for a sudden, cold, unsentimental withdrawal from any attachments to exterior props and relationships that are no longer serving us, no longer allowing us to feel – to navigate our own way forward.

The human kind is ready to leap into another dimension. This is inevitable. There are enough spirits on this planet to acquiesce that what has been going on in the prescribed sense is no longer working. Some will choose to fight it out – out there on the streets. They will inflict great pain upon one another as they rail against the system, often indiscriminately, passing judgement, blame and unkindness. This becomes a vicious cycle that will only leave destruction.

Some will choose another, more constructive way….

Some will try hard not to make a choice at all.

Whichever way you choose, forced action (however disruptive) will be taken.

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~ Have an amazing Full Moon
…and many blessings x




  1. Thank you again! Feels like I’m being pushed off a cliff – not sure if the free fall is invigorating or terrifying but knows it’s inevitable

  2. YAYYYY! YES!!!! I have already received glimpses of my wildly, amazingly creative force nature within me that will be leading a huge way for the unconventional, wielding an uncanny ability to interweave the seen and unseen, and create a harmonious union with all that we are!

    OH. I am so EXCITED.

    I will be dancing, and creating ceremonies that are going to manifest crazy amazing realities of freedom and intercommunication. OH MY. I can hardly WAIT until tomorrow reveals and cracks me open!

    I have been waiting so long; I knew my turn would come. And this is creating the burgeoning!

    * super happy *

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