Emotional tensions are building to an all-time high this month, with sudden bursts of strained energy emanating out of the unconscious into the world around us.

The Moon, ruler of moods and emotions connects with Uranus (Ouranos), ruler of the skies, to bring us all into the current moment. As most of us are trying to make sense of this linear, structured world (Saturn) we are reminded that we are trapped in a prism – a device which holds us in order, but it denies, delays and frustrates our ability to experience ourselves in the present tense.

In the 3D world of fear, judgment, anger there is no time for anything but a frantic struggle ‘fix’ and firm up our situation. As we are witnessing, this world seems battered, hopelessly out of touch and morbidly forlorn.

Time to cut ties with it. It’s not working for us.

We need a new way.

A sustained hold by stationing Uranus over Saturn this next month brings realisation to humanity that these ongoing structures are no longer sustainable. Great inhibitions and irritations build gradually, and the reaction will be to lash out unpredictably, often without much thought of the consequences. This has the power to wreak all kinds of emotional havoc on those around us, and in a cumulative sense, add to the collective social unrest.

Are you feeling annoyed? Stressed by the inconsistencies and failings of the ‘real’ world?

You need to come to the present moment, fast. Somehow, you need to summon the discipline necessary to view the failures or the dysfunctions of your world as an opportunity to come up with an innovative solution. Avoid acting in rash, immature ways, understanding that these actions only fuel an emotional war that not only threatens to destroy your own peace, but the lives of those around you.

Hold all action for a moment, breathe.
Come to this present instance.
Embrace the god of spontaneity and insight.
Ask for a new way to handle things.
Let go of the old way, it isn’t going to work for you any more.
Act with vision.
Liberate yourself from the prism of repetition.

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  1. prism and prison sounds an awful lot alike!

    thank u for this one, working on new responses and reference points now.

    lots of love <3

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