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THE WEEK AHEAD: 27 June – July 4

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An intense week building towards the New Moon at 12°54‘ (July 4). A stern reminder that this week will loaded with heated emotion, the accumulated resentment and anger of months (♂SD23°04′, June 29), now ready to unfurl in this, the most sensitively vulnerable of times in recent history.

We need to be most mindful that any deeply personal and vulnerable areas in our affairs must be handled with ‘kid-gloves’ if we hope to maintain things at a ‘nice’ and comfortable level, especially around the domestic front.

People are always trying to hook your attention one way or another. Once they capture your attention then they can download any information from you that they want. Ultimately though, you hold the power in where you focus your attention, and in this, you have the choice to listen and see whether what they have anything of value to share with you actually has anything to do with you. You either want it or you don’t want it.

Be on the lookout for those wolves who are very intense, probing and insistent on having their way. Anyone who makes you immediately uneasy is best (most politely) avoided. Possessive lovers, demanding friends, controlling parents, manipulative co-workers, narcissistic bosses, general assholes that you follow (or may follow you) in the media may have a dark or disturbing effect upon your very beautiful intention to keep your whole experience light.

Or it may be you who is just being too much for someone/everyone around you.

In any sense, you are the holder of all the responsibility for everything that occurs in your relationships. The level of use or abuse that you see presented before you is somehow due to an agreement or an invitation that you (whether selfishly or culturally driven) continue to ‘honour’ and inflict upon others/yourself.

Chiron’s turning Retrograde at 25°♓ 15′ (June 27 – Dec 1) sees us going inwards to connect with the pain, the wounding and the shame that keeps us distant from the Universal Oneness. Through crises, where we feel increasingly desolate, cut off, outcast, where we fear we may have lost our grip with reality and are sucked into the world of lies and confusion do we become impelled to explore new and innovative ways to heal this sore. We learn to release any delusions, accepting them as mere fetishes of the fractured ego seeking a quick solution, and by finding ways to plunge into the sea of self-forgiveness, surrender to the great divine spirit once again. Only through loss, or willful release of those things that hold us tied down to a place of guilt and self-regret do we hope to cultivate that inner knowing that allows for conscious awareness of previous lifetimes to emerge. By the end of his time in Pisces (April 2018), Chiron will have helped many of us to discover that the reason we are alive today is to fulfill a very high purpose on this planet. The true path is not an easy one because we are heading into unchartered waters.

But it is this stationary Mars in Scorpio, going direct midweek, that threatens to unleash his venomous sting in effort to retrieve its scathing grab for personal power. Mars is pretty wound up and emotionally anguished now, waiting since April (turned retrograde) to unleash a lot of pent up emotional heat, having held much of it inside for quite some time now. His vindictive turn into direct motion (wednesday) will see us all much more determined to hold our ground using (or contending against) a force that is fixated upon ‘taking care of business’ – executing manoeuvres that ‘should have been settled a long time ago’. Caution is advised – not on where we choose to place our intention but the extreme level intensity in how go about our actions.

All this against the backdrop of the continuing Saturn/Neptune square (Jun – Sep) – a time when it is getting harder to know who to trust and what to believe.

Rule of thumb…

Believe nothing, listen to no one. Everyone is equally as likely to be projecting their version of a dream which, if not completely untethered from anything we have seen before, is fundamentally flawed.

As the structured world now slowly recedes, enmarshed further and further into the slippery domains of the rising seas, we are left with no option other than to retreat inland towards higher, grounds if only in hope to find some dry secured earth. But Saturn’s ‘scorched earth policy’ in Sagittarius leaves us all rather befuddled and, frankly, unimpressed by any alternatives to this dream/reality dilemma.

We will find our ultimate answer, but only by letting go of that which cannot possibly be salvaged through the rising Neptunian forces clashing creepishly against the bombastic stance of Saturn.

This week, many agreements will be either brokered or broken in the lead up to the New Moon. If you cannot strike a harmonious arrangement to preserve your individual integrity or sovereignty, you may just have to come to terms that this is probably the best time to execute that drastic and dramatic exit.

Have an amazing week,
and blessings x

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