Tuesday, 7 June

SUN/VENUS quincunx PLUTO, square the NODES

Can’t live with ’em. Can’t live without ’em.
Such a strange fascination, leads to this conundrum.
Are certain persons in your world grating on you somewhat?
Have you noticed a pressing awkwardness – a hard misalignment between you, in that their breezy, eloquent words and promises do not reveal a chance in hell of meeting your expectations?
And yet, why do you feel compelled to go along… continue on with the charade, as if there are really no better options around?
Well… you could choose to be on your own of course – that would take much less effort.
But then, who could think of anything more dreadful right now than to be going alone through this time, right?
This may be the strange paradox of our affairs rights now. Whilst not necessarily a pleasant or easy situation, there’s a fated reason why we choose to endure one another at this point. A karmic lesson is here for us and this is why we seem locked into the spectrum of each other’s auric field. In the greater scheme of things, the situation building between us is setting us up for a little lesson.
In a way, the contacts we are strongly forming are here to fulfill our own, repressed emotional needs. They will provide a chance for us to study closely what indeed we truly want through the process of elimination (highlighting those things we don’t want).
So it’s more about satisfying our uncontrollable desires rather than the people, really.
In our desire to form lasting, worthwhile, beneficially sustainable bonds we often engage into relationships with those may eventually become so suspicious, possessive, manipulative or jealous of our intent that their presence in our world eventually hinders or stifles our creative spirit. It begins to encroach upon our fundamental freedom to just be ourselves.
Through the grating tensions and continuous adjustments of this time, we pick up new skills on how to cope, particularly on how to manage our own capacity to adapt to others’ terms. By finding them either too superficial and ineffectual, or far too oppressive and inflexible we obtain the skills to either change what we want from one another or learn to tolerate our differences somehow.
In the end, we may just agree to allow one another to be.
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