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A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W – ♄℞ □ ♆℞

Our psychic sensitivity is becoming such that it cannot be denied. It must be taken seriously and we must take real action if we are to serve to protect our precious sensitivity.

As each day unfolds our world presents us with a stark, often striking dichotomy of two very distinct levels of consciousness. If we remain grounded, still and observant – if we can fend off the overwhelming delusions and distortions which will only make us feel let down, frustrated or sad, we will see the difference before our very eyes. Both levels blatantly obvious, yet both, at times seemingly beyond belief in the extreme way that they play out before us.

The proponents of one level of consciousness (♄) will argue for the limitations of control and domination over the physical domain by spreading irrational fear, paranoia, confusion and mayhem through our collective reality. Those who play into this level will become increasingly engaged in the polarisation of humanity into ‘good’ and ‘evil’, a struggle between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ that descends us deeper and deeper into a terrible war, which nobody can ever really win.

The other level of consciousness (♆) is a far more subtle, not quite as visible to many as yet, but is being embraced by those who hold the belief that, somehow, there is a much better way of living – a more respectful, dignified, more collaborative way of reaching a state of well-being that all humanity can share.

Each day that comes brings each of us tremendous opportunity to clearly observe what is going on. In these observations we are given a power to choose a way.

This choice now requires a certain action – no longer just an indecision, a withdrawal, an indifference or denial.

In a state of pure observation, you will come to believe that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, no ‘good ‘ or ‘evil’, no duality as such; no engaging in accusations or blame. From this state of pure observation, also comes pure acceptance… a true love.

In this state of pure witnessing, the dream that you (and all humanity) has held deeply in your heart for many, many years will begin to unfold before your very eyes.

Can you see it?

What on earth is going on here??
Only from an impartial observer’s point of view can one truly witness the dreadful experience that is mounting all around us now.
You may have noticed, more pronouncedly now, how the proponents of judgement – those champions of fear and separation who rule over our three-dimensional world starting to coldly ramp up their campaign, trying to administer their own, tough brand of ‘law & justice’ (♄♐℞) against (□) those whose sensitivities are now at such a degree of vulnerability that they are become to feel so easily vilified and victimised (♆♓℞) by this “real world’s” apparent cold-heartedness.
Only from an impartial vantage point can we see what’s truly going on here without ourselves becoming drawn into this vortex of the anger, the pain, the paranoia and confusion – all just by-products to a largely over-dramatised reaction to the harsh experiences that we may finding ourselves incapable of seeking any protection.
Any uneasiness or illness, whether physical or deeply psychological, is very hard to diagnose by use of traditional, conventional means.
Much of it stems from (possibly unconscious) frustrations – failed attempts to make our ideals meet with reality, due to its obvious limitations.
Such feelings of being let down, betrayed, disillusioned, kicked around and left wounded and defrayed by the apparent cruelty of the privileged, the educated , the pontificating and self-righteous only foment a reaction that is filled with a pathetic urge to either withdraw or to siphon the overall energetic using surreptitious, pitifully undermining energies that only weaken and defray the situation to the point where it can no longer stand.
And there are no sides here.
No good or bad.
There’s no right side and no nasty, evil side.
Anyone who chooses to engage, or become seduced to take part in this energetic drama will become immediately sucked into the lower, three-dimensional trap that feeds upon the spreading of division and separation.
This is what Saturn wants – separation. In true Machiavellian tactics, it seeks to conquer over our reality through creating irreconcilable divisions, by carving us apart using epithets like right and wrong, good guys/bad guys etc…
[too bad our myths and legends – any culture – are full of heroes and villains]
Only the impartial observer will be spared here.
It is no wonder that those wise enough to see things for what they truly are may choose to quietly disengage from this ultimately debilitating dynamic altogether.
Those who are present enough to stay in a state of mindful, conscientious observation, by practicing a concerted application of heavy doses of compassion, forgiveness, of lending assistance without being drawn into any partial, rigidly-held, sanctimonious judgements or conclusions about what is going on, can withstand this period and actually aim to make any progress.
Progress towards what?
This next three months is all about the clearing away of any confusion and misconceptions.
Until we realise the relationship between our ideals and the limitations posed upon those ideals by the physical world, until we accept that there is only one possible reality – the one that is indeed subscribed to the ultimate acceptance of all possible realities will we be able to develop an amazing ability to hold on to our ideals whilst yet also being able to live them in some practical, real way.
This ♄/♆ cycle began in Capricorn in 1989, and is now in its final quarter, to become fully complete in about 9-10 years. This is the closing crisis in what was always destined to introduce humanity to the next ray of consciousness. Much will eventually fall away in the process to thoroughly raise the vibration to a new, no bullshit approach to how we take on responsibility.
Oh, and for now, the best way to avoid misunderstandings?
Simply observe, without trying too hard to pass judgement on what may oftentimes appear as simply insane, unkind or utterly ridiculous (in other words, what we cannot immediately understand).
Do you think you can do that?
© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2015
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