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Thursday, 8 June

MERCURY @25°♉50′ opposition MARS♏Rx (sextile CHIRON♓)

Meteora Monastery, Greece
Nerves start to twitch now, and tempers may irritably escalate to mental arguments where neither side is willing to give an inch to the other.
Any obstinacy that refuses to yield reveals a fundamental lack of confidence, not in the other but in oneself.
No, we must not become intimidated by the other side, nor must we become frightened by the stubborn will of those who refuse to ever retract their opinions.
But we must also understand that those who prefer to stand their ground against all reasonable force betray only their vanity, for these are more enamoured with fortifying their own, precious position than they are of seeking truth itself.
For these we must hold a sacred healing space.
For these we must find a place in our heart to forgive their infatuation with their own, insecure egos.
This is an excellent time for us to observe just how the fixed mind tends foment conflict. An
auspicious moment for us now to dig in deep and find the key to what might unlock man’s dogged desire to besiege himself to war.
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