Thursday, 2 June

[pic: Amin Khaldi]
[pic: Amin Khaldi]

Pre- GRAND CROSS Notes: ☽♉, ☉/♀□♆

As the Moon heads into its balsamic phase, it is a time when we are just at the precipice of great new revelations. The next New Moon (Sunday Jun 05) promises to be nothing short of phenomenal due to its dynamic engagement with several planets.
Depending on your level of awareness, you are becoming either most susceptible or super-receptive to subtle forces which have the effect of either empowering or draining your energetic field.
How randomly is your universe affecting you right now?
How conscious are you of the otherwise invisible influences working upon you?
Your ability to act from a neutral, clear, present-moment stance is the only true way to accede to a higher vibrational level. There are no shortcuts to attaining pure clarity. No cheats, no manuals.
No mystic nor guru, no self-help book, no facebook meme, no medicine or perfunctory spiritual practice can give you this magical step-up to the higher dimensional field.
Observe your breathing…
You may observe now that even the slightest emotional upset can become an insidious drain upon your overall vitality.
Influences such as drugs, nicotine, alcohol may impact our higher energetic field in such undermining ways, creating extensive confusion and far-reaching imbalances in our relationships.
With Mars Rx in Scorpio, this is an excellent time to take drastic action to eliminate any poisonous, toxic or painfully upsetting element from your immediate field.
Know this – there is not much time (if any) to begin to operate from a centred, neutral space. Anything outside of this could see you becoming swept into the turbulent whirlwinds of the increasingly stormy environmental currents.
We have been working together on this for months now, slowly shedding skins’ releasing baggage; becoming lighter, more centred. Some of us are ready to fully take the next step up to the new dimension.
Being discerning means with everything – even those pet indulgences that seem to keep dragging you out of your full composure. Especially those.
The only way to derive a true feeling of security now is to be able to see into the deeper meanings at work behind all life’s phenomena. This level of pure intelligence, this prescience comes only with exercising mindfulness.
Time to sit perfectly still now. Become perfectly empty. Be like the hurricane, breezing gently through the whizzing madness of everything that is going on around…

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