MERCURY at Grand Mutable Cross degree – 14°♊24 – 23 June

[art: Anton Van Hertbruggen]
[art: Anton Van Hertbruggen]
Our capacity to connect with one another now begins to rapidly expand beyond any means that the mere naked eye has ever before witnessed.
Our special spirit-superhighways not only exist, they are expanding rapidly into an intricately vast web of communication networks, teaching us to rely much less on old-world technology like cables or wireless transmitters. Nor do they depend upon any device or wifi gadget to link us in (such as the methods you are probably using to receive this message).
We are talking about the invisible bonds that are forming between us – those of us who resonate on similarly subtle frequencies of consciousness.
A kind of telepathic empathy is starting to emerge around the globe – one whose interconnectedness is so robust that it defies that problems frequently experienced from using the existing networks. This exchange is much less prone to suffer any miscommunications from crossed wires, drop-outs through poor reception, service difficulties, disconnection issues or any of the basic malfunctions or breakdowns that you may have been experiencing to date using the current, soon to become antiquated systems of the old paradigm.
The abject limitations met by those still operating at the lower bandwidth frequencies of this dense, three-dimensional plane are becoming patently obvious.
Sure their champions will continue to run their frantic race; their stodgy campaigns to see who can reach the top of the hill first by delivering the most negative, most divisive, most disparaging message to humanity. But to the rest of us – those who are not only capable of synthesising powerfully emotive messages of pure love and compassion, but sending them and receiving them in every impressive instant, we observe that the rate of development of this new communication network is such that it can barely be measured using normal linear constraints.
Its exponential evolution is now shuttling forward at such quantum pace, that our own consciousness appears to be caught in the slipstream of its frenetic velocity. This only strives to drive our collective humanity farther, comprehensively wider than even our own imagination can conceive. And yet… in an instant… it just has.
How to connect?
Become centred.
Drop attachments.
Be light.
Remain grounded.
MGC MUnless one is capable of rising above the excruciating minutia of data, streaming through into the lower-mind – those ubiquitous signals of mundane existence that seem to permeate our mental processes via the media and word-of-mouth, they will probably miss the greater evolutionary processes that are going on.
Greater cycles, many of which are at critical phases of their respective development are coinciding with one another, creating a pivotal moment upon humanity’s linear understanding of historical development. To the lower mind – the one that seeks to identify things and process them into some semblance of common sense – it would appear that the world of changeability and adaptability is spinning faster than its usual capacity to comprehend. The lower mind will always try to process things by comparing notes with what it has learned before.
In this sense, the lower mind may find itself in a great quandary. Much of the information streaming in now seems highly disparate, contradictory, even confusing and perplexingly difficult to fit into any preconceived packaging (logic).
You might have noticed that not even the ‘experts’ can explain or forecast what is going on…
Unless we are able to step out of this conventional way of thinking and observe things from an impartial, non-judgemental point, we risk falling into the trappings of dismay and despair that periods like this are prone to cast upon the constructs of the lower, conditioned mind.
In that sense, one would surmise that we are truly trapped into state of depression. The media struggles with how it will relay all this to us. Its purpose is primarily to sell us a product, or a vision that will inspire us to buy into a promise. The politicians and the businessmen, even the clerics of the great religions are scrambling to find a new angle that will hook us to their cause.
But our minds are so confused. Perplexed by it all. It is because on the surface, it’s hard for the trained mind to know what to believe any more.
Nothing is making sense.
What we are certain of is that our communities and workplaces have become so seriously displaced and disjointed, our climate, our earth is ever more erratic, there seems no balance any more and the whole world is on the brink of something that is beyond all scientific and cultural explanation.
Yet, we are at the peak of human evolution. The world is packed with the most brilliant minds ever, all now beginning to form progressive networks that are becoming increasingly independent of the old, pay-to-play structures that are struggling to exist.
The human mind is about to enter the greatest new age of discovery since the ‘Renaissance’ brought us out of the dark ages (500 years ago).
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