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Mars SD @23°♏04 – June 29

Easy now.
Mars has been perched up in the skies at 23° Scorpio for the last couple of weeks, and though he turns direct in a matter of hours, it will take another fortnight before we see our red warlord pick up enough speed into the next degree.
In his usual velocity he covers this ground (1° of the zodiac) in just two days, but during direction swings such as this (and that of mid April @8°♐54’Rx), the appearance to us here on earth is that of a sustained Mars that sits on that one degree for weeks.
Very soon the Cancer Sun will trigger him off (sqq), and over this next two days (June 29-30) the Moon moves through Taurus, closing to form an opposition.
In Scorpio, Mars lurks out of sight, like a vulture, silent and watchful, sharpening his talons and patiently biding his time until the opportunity arises for him to feed on the misfortunes of his prey. The hard contact with the Cancer Sun is a reminder to be emotionally attuned – any miscalculations or mistimed actions could lead to major failures or fatal upsets now. The Moon, which represents his in environment stand opposite – not supportive. She is at odds with his dark and brooding aggression and stands away, holding him to keep still, to be patient with himself and think things through.
It is critically important that you take your time before making decisions now. Choose paths that support your higher consciousness and let your intuition be your guide. Being driven by selfish, physical desires for sex, power, vengeance will not be welcome. Violent actions are not only overwhelming but  will be awfully rejected. Use all of the resources available to you, combined with learnings gained from your recent experiences to approach any dilemmas or tension from a different angle.
Just know that you are always free to choose your own path, but be prepared to be more flexible in how you move forward. Your keen senses and inner guidance will help you to to navigate through any possible tensions to reach the highest benefit. You may need to call on all your resources to get the job done.
This is a time when you may be fiercely protective of those for whom you feel responsible, but are also reminded that knowing when to allow others to sink or swim is vital too. Mars’ Retro process through Scorpio/Sagittarius blesses us all with the gifts of deeper clarity, purification and much insight into our inner saboteurs (see video) and how to curb those from ruining our best interests. Our past experiences hold all the clues necessary to obtain invaluable insights into any current situation or problem.
Learn from your past.
Also, Mars stationed in Scorpio indicates that you or someone around you is being highly opportunistic. Someone may be watching you and is creepily waiting for you to slip up or make a wrong move. You may feel that someone is taking advantage of you or is using you somehow. Watch out for those vultures.
Take this time as being highly symbolic of a looming death, doom or rebirth – a very necessary phase of the circle of life. It is a chance to eliminate and transform lower, more selfish patterns of behaviour into something much higher. Recognize the need for higher awareness in all those around you.

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