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Jupiter/Node trine Pluto – Friday, 17 June

[art: Victory of light over darkness by Ludwig Fahrenkrog,1896]
[art: Victory of light over darkness by Ludwig Fahrenkrog,189
On top of this hypersensitivity to everything around us and the need to protect that sensitivity; the increasing dismay at the state of the ‘real’ world and where it’s heading; the awful knowing – that deep cellular-level knowing that there is much more to life than all of this (♄/♆), there is also the incessant urge from the repressed elements of the ego’s desire to connect and to receive much more attention from our circle of friends/ our audience ♃/☊△♇ .

Everybody needs to feel connected, but there’s a heavy energy around and who has the strength to put up with that now?

So during this period (June) we explore ways to recognise what’s the good in others, really fast, take it (if anything), use up their services and then break the connection… just as fast.

This is a collective thing happening right now on this planet. Co-operation is the crucial element here, and those who can tap into it, skillfully take what they want, can motivate others – bring together groups and masses for the purposes of opening the way for massive transformative expansion.

This must be understood from an objective place… of course. Without passing moral judgement (good/bad).

During this socially vulnerable time we will witness certain individuals come to rise by harnessing the collective enthusiasm (whatever there is around) to power their own evolution. We can all do this, but some are better at it than others and will fuel their rise by the expedient exploitation of the energy of others.

Whatever happens, however this plays out in the end, it will be for the greater service in our evolution.

Be mindful of this. You may either bear witness to this or become either the fuel or be fueled by the energies at play.

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  1. So yes Anj, there is a lot going on..
    maybe it would be worth noticing that in addition to the recent grand cross the trine between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn which is pressing for structural change is heading toward being completed by the asteroid Hekate in Taurus.She is at 11 degrees now and will be exact early July. Oh great, lets just add the Queen of the WItches into the mix I hear you say. However perhaps this is what is needed!

    Perhaps we should take Hekate formerly Queen of the three realms Heaven Earth and the Underworld more seriously as a way finder ..

    I agree there is much sensitivity right now; people are able to attract and use other people’s energies now and that can be fine if what is mirrored back by the other is acknowledged as their gift to you. Not so great if it is simply sucked up. An example, I was at the airport two days ago waiting for a friend. I bought a coffee from a young man. His friend passed by and asked how his day was and he said “oh just making coffee and making people smile, that’s what I do.” He then brought my coffee over and gave me such a radiant and mischievously joyous smile that I instantly responded with the same delight. What happened was he mirrored back to me my own capacity for joy and love for others, which then spilled into my entire day.

    But beyond this I think Hekate and all the dark goddesses (for instance Black Moon Lilith who is travelling with Juno at the need of Libra start of Scorpio) are asking us to take a much deeper level of responsibility for how we ground and carry our initiatives, how what we want to create, especially when it’s with others, can be held and earthed. For this it is not just a matter of receiving lost parts of self back from others but of acknowledging their beingness and how that resonates with our own being. This may include perhaps haunting memories of other dimensions where we stood within each others being and understood one another completely.

    Here in this dimension we understand only momentarily but actually I believe we are being called to hold open the inner spaces and then the intimate interpersonal spaces where new creation becomes possible, in our personal lives and then in the world around us.
    Vivien Beere

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