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Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto

[pic: Johannes Hulsch]
[pic: Johannes Hulsch]
On the back end of all the turbulence that seems to be throwing our world into disarray this week, the push is to stay on path towards improving our personal situation. There is an immense force behind you now to persevere with your mission by cleaning up the place, building bridgeways across troubled waters or sometimes, simply holding your own, precious space.

This means that we must be at our highest level of discernment for any toxic elements in our interpersonal affairs.

With MARS absolutely stationary @23°♏04′ for the next 2-3 days, a quincunx to Uranus fills the air with much resistance and our need to uphold boundaries is tight. If we look at things objectively, we can recognise this time as an opportunity to stand and face the fight as a true spirit warrior. This is an important time to go to work on eliminating the negativity from our world.


1. IDENTIFY NEGATIVITY: Toxic situations (or people) that constantly drag you into their despair without showing any signs that they are prepared to find a positive solution can be draining. Learn to spot those immediately.

2. ASK FOR GUIDANCE: You may call on others to help you in your fight. They could be your trusted friends, family, teachers or your ‘better angels’. Ask for their guidance and support. Tackling people who are ‘drainers’ may have to be a ‘team’ effort. This will dissipate the impact of negativity upon your own spirit and help to reinforce your individual strength.

3. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY: A negative attitude speaks for itself. Learn to disassociate your emotional reactions to a negative situation. This is NEVER directed at you. Negative-minded people are only just trying to warn you that they are suffering a crisis. Do not get dragged into their drama. This is NEVER about you. So stay out of it. Do NOT become emotionally involved.

4. LOOK FOR THE LIGHT: Every situation holds an opportunity to turn things into something positive. This will become apparent if you seek it actively. Always look for the solution. This might be easier if you divert the topic into a happier place. Change the subject to something less dark/heavy if you must. Humour is good, though not always appropriate. If you can manage to look at the situation with some degree of detachment – like everyone involved is just an observer in a theatre, this will add light and lift the spirits.

5. PULL AWAY: Learn to make your point very quickly and effectively, then promptly separate yourself from the situation. Every difficult challenge must have an end. Aim towards creating your timely exit once you have done all you can. Pull away, neatly, politely, with kindness, just in time.

6. LEARN WHEN TO WALK: Sometimes you have to accept that the situation is far too heavy or dark, and there is really nothing you can do with someone. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, and well out of our depths. Your time and energy is very precious and you must spend it wisely. Understand that some people will never respond to your brand of help. Leave them. Move on to those who may appreciate your efforts. And never look back.

7. RETURN TO A PEACEFUL PLACE: Remember. You must come to a ‘reset’ point if ever someone or something ‘bums you out’. After all, only you are able to make YOURSELF happy. Nobody else can do that for you. They may only share in your well-being or allow you to experience joy in your aloneness.

8. KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOU: Whatever happens, trust that you are connected, even to those who radiate much negativity. If you can find faith, that there is a greater force (let’s call that ‘nature‘) that holds everything together, you can begin to see some context that all things tie together. If  you have done all that you could in a particular situation and then you can also trust that the universe is supporting you – in this knowing, any insecurities go away and miracles can happen.

Get out there, make your best effort, and allow the universe to help you along.

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