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June 8-10 – Moon in Leo

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Leo (Wednesday, 8 June, 6:49am – Friday, 10 June, 1:47 pm)

This fixed fiery Leo Moon rolls out the red carpets and blares out the trumpets and the fanfare for the vivaciously vociferous Gemini Sun to spread his special word. In typical Leo fashion, she expects much praise and recognition for her lavish displays of high drama and panache, although her trines to Saturn♐ and Uranus, may suggest that a lot of the bluff and bluster that we see is driven by an underlying desire to let go of any pent-up stress and emotional insecurities, but a fear of doing so.

In all the brouhaha and carnival barking, it is important to observe too that in the background there are often questions raised as to whether we are to take the whole, slightly grandiose spectacle seriously.

What occurs for us now though, via this Leo Moon, is a type of pompous rally – a necessary part of the Gemini Sun pushing through our horoscope to show off and exhibit our best and most wonderful ideas – ideas formed only a few days ago with the New Moon. After a whimsical couple of days in Cancer, sussing out the public waters, the Moon is now ready to get on the soapbox and call out the headline act…

What is your idea? Are you confident enough to put it out there?

After the very serious challenges posed to us by this Gemini New Moon by the Mutable Grand Cross there may not be lot of certainty about what’s going on at the moment. People are a little schitzoid about what to believe and which way to go. This tends to undermine public confidence. So needless to say that folks are in need of hearing a good, compelling story, something juicy with a touch of melodrama and romance to spice things up.

The spirited magnetism generated by the Leo Moon over the couple of days promises to bring back some of that confidence, adding some charm and exuberance back into our stride, helping us to get our creative juices flowing again.

Use it or lose it.

Here are your Cosmic ‘Scopes for the next couple of days:

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