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Full Moon at 29° 32′ Sagittarius, June 20, 11:03 UTC

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The most remarkable thing about having two consecutive Full Moons in the same sign is that they are so rare that they only occur only “once in a blue moon”.

What is a Blue Moon? Well, some say it’s the thirteenth moon – either the third of four full moons in a season, or the second full moon in a month of the common calendar. This happens once every 3 years or so… But many astrologers acknowledge the auspices of two consecutive full moons in the same sign, since they invariably occur in the critical first and last degree of each sign, thus driving home the essence of whatever that sign may symbolise.

And a double Full Moon in Sagittarius?

Full Moons are about culmination. In Sagittarius it’s the culmination of a truth, a faith – a belief based on higher principles of universal law. As we may observe around us, the whole world is in the midst of a political, religious or marketing campaign – one gets the feeling that we are increasingly being subjected to a holy crusade aimed to convert us to a belief that if we invest in someone or something that we will be delivered to a place of higher truth and salvation.

However, the facts are this: as much as we may quarrel amongst ourselves about who’s right or wrong, who is on the good side and who on the evil, deep down we are simply not convinced by any party, any denominational god or any miracle product any more. And the jury seems hung on this thing called ‘truth’ too.

As these auspicious “blue moons” at 01°♐14′ and 29°32′  bookend the June 5 Mutable Grand Cross, we can be certain of one thing, and one thing only now:

Those who cannot speak the truth about themselves have not a chance in blue hell of convincing us the truth about anything or anyone else.

And so it goes, the second Full Moon in Sadge heralds the full suspension of belief in the lower, three dimensional plane… until further notice.

So what can we believe?
Sadge FMWell, the beauty of this particular moon is that it squares Chiron in Pisces. The great shamanic healer now beckons us to follow him on a journey to find our own truth. He offers to guide us to connect with the Great Cosmic Spirit – a journey to the heart of the great creator, an unconditional surrender to the divine.

Sounds kinda religious don’t it?
Nah… you know what i’m talking about. You know, because the Grand Cross told you – made you realise that it’s time to change, adapt, evolve your conscious understand of what and who to believe.

Time is not too short at all… “time” – linear time, as we know it has run out. Do you feel it?

Chiron introduces us to a new kind of time.
The “it’s about time” kind of time.
The “kind time”.

By becoming attuned to subtle energies, we are initiated by Chiron into a very different definition of ‘reality’ than what is being pitched to us. As we learn to ‘dance to the beat of a cosmic drum’, our sensitivity makes us vulnerable to astral influences, and we begin to recognize the nature of these energies like they are physically visible before our eyes.

The Saturn/Neptune square warns us to be aware not to dwell in negative thought patterns, as these invite strange astral entities to attach themselves into our aura, making it difficult to release ourselves from the world of despair, despondency and depression. We must fight these, and if necessary we might need to employ the assistance of great visionaries and spirit warriors amongst us to help fight away the negative, dark forces that are prone to pervade our sensitive psyche using the medium of negatively-charged thoughts and untruths.

We are seeking to express the highest potential of this time, to return to an empirical truth – one that serves us universally and one that inducts us into a world of ecstatic mysticism and a sense of unity with all of creation.

It would be well for us to learn techniques of astral protection right now. Our increased sensitivity makes us highly qualified to have spontaneous experiences of transcendence, to unfold a vision of this planet that is in alignment to true cosmic harmony.

Chiron’s interception of this Full Moon axis by T-square is a great tool. He acts a profoundly ceremonial teacher who can initiate us to feeling the heart of the entire universe. However, our challenge now is to have patience and tolerance for our brothers and sisters who do not share the level of our wisdom, our inner faith, our insight and compassion – those who are still ruled by the lower forces of fear, of judgement, of limitation, and control.

On this Full Moon, Chiron reminds us to not allow ourselves to buy into the three-dimensional fear-based view of life. This is not a truth. This is the end of that system of belief. As it was shown in the opening Full Moon in Sagittarius (May 21), whose conjunction to Mars only showed us just how aggressively some of us want to assert our most self-righteous premises upon our world, so it is repeated here to us here in this bookend Full Moon, before this blessed solstice.

Chiron’s T-Square is not an invitation as such. It’s more like a benevolent ultimatum.

Only by opening our minds to the higher currency of grace do we truly hope to ever find the key that will unlock our hearts to the greater gifts of kindness, forgiveness and compassion and love that is so sorely needed on this earth.

Let the initiation to the real truth begin.

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  1. It is sorely needed. s a wee fish, perhaps this moon hit hard, ultimatums! indeedy. IN the last yr my ability to well be compassionate has ‘stopped’ me ranting. Even with crazy shit like taking the roof of the csita living in while out to fuck up my last things and move me away from again the seeds of doing well! building a way to sell my art, however small.. What happened to the great and to patriarcy! Its gripis increasing, and yes I know it is free will, we create, not this I I I..
    It really has become like a ‘zombi movie’ in europe the level of competition means an odd level control and put downs.
    Ommmmm ph

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