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Cosmic Scopes – Moon in Scorpio (15-17 June)

[art: Schloe]
[art: Schloe]
Get the feeling someone is withholding some vital information? Being a little wooden, a bit cagey, speaking with remarkable eloquence and fluency in their rhythm, yet you get the feeling that just beneath the surface there is a whole uneasiness about whether what they’re telling you is actually communicating their true intent?

With the Moon in shady Scorpio and Sun is still in the adroit and verbosely versatile Gemini, the communicative transmission of light, willpower and authority seems a little out of sync with the body language. Needless to say, this creates an air of disconcertment and distrust all around.

This is not to say though, that the atmosphere is not compelling – with the Moon’s trine to Neptune, sextile to Jupiter and conjunction to Mars Rx we see a lot more cunning, greater discernment, and nifty truth-dodging from anyone acting from the authoritative ‘Spokesperson’ role that is representative of our Sun’s journey through Gemini.

One gets the feeling that someone is trying to sell us something or cleverly convince us of some story, using all the exuberant charm and sophisticated glib of a highly-trained government envoy or special agent.

In this moon phase, curiosity becomes heightened, attentiveness to novelty, suspicion to conspiracy, an addictive nature to hear more, though not necessarily to learn anything of any lasting value becomes rife. The great pressure, building with all this Saturn/Neptune square in the background is that glib but phoney or empty words may not quite satisfy right now and a deep resentment about being deceptively manipulated may temporarily start to foam up.

This creates the setting for a fiery emotional showdown on the weekend when the Moon enters truth-seeking Sagittarius and conjuncts Saturn, then heads into a very confronting Full Moon phase.

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