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Cosmic ‘Scopes for Monday – Wednesday

Sun in Gemini/Moon in Cancer (June 6, 3:43am – Jun 8, 6:49 am UTC)


The extraordinary mental whirlwind created by the Gemini New Moon now becomes more rhythmically attuned to our emotional environment with the Moon moving into watery Cancer. Our thoughts take seed into feelings and our intuitive faculties are enhanced.

Of course, with all this sensitivity and impressionability about, there is the propensity to become bombarded with some of the psychic junk that’s floating about right now.

It’s important to be mindful of any subtle energies that are having any negative emotional impact. Mental disturbances, mood swings, even depression is easily onset during this Sun/Moon combination. We can avoid any propensity to slump into any glum, despondent emotional states by removing ourselves from anything we may suspect is negatively affecting us, and focusing our attention on positive, creative activities. Being very selective that our social contacts accommodate our need to stay cheerful and nourish us with the humour, charm and amiable good nature is what will keep us inspired.

Here are your Cosmic ‘Scope for the next couple of days:

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