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‘Cosmic Scopes – 1st Quarter Moon in Virgo

[art: Sammy Slabbinck]
[art: Sammy Slabbinck]
When the Moon is in Virgo the head takes over the heart and we witness anyone prone to get emotional start to become nervous and restless if their practical needs are not somehow being met with just the right amount of duty and diligent care.

With Jupiter and Rahu also bunched up in Virgo, greater fulfilment and emotional satisfaction can only be garnered from being left-the-fuck-alone to do the greater, more practical work.
So step aside please, or raise your feet whilst we hoover under that couch…

With the Sun also in Gemini, we get a double dosage of breezy Mercurial action, so, whilst the two luminaries are flying high in mental mode, creating the quarter moon at 21°♍47′ on Sunday June 12 at 8:11am UTC, we best keep our heads, stay mind-ful that the best way not to lose our cool is to breathe in the air and gently blow it back out with sensible, grounded, compassionate kindness and intent.

Won’t be easy. ‘Specially since the Moon’s passage through mutable Virgo reactivates those heavy mutable planets ♃, ♄ & ♆ (still tightly squared) and sets the scene for one devastating emotional meltdown by the following week’s Blue Moon (oh-oh, there’s a spoiler for you).

Anyway, be cool, and stay tuned to this menacing moon in June…
…here’s your ‘scopes for your hopes x

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