The Week Ahead – May 8 – 15

[art: Jeanie Tomanek, 1949]

Jupiter turns direct (13°♍15′) Monday, and with forceful Pluto forms the mainstay to an earth Grand Trine which evokes all those tactile, lusty Taurean planets (☉/☿/♀) with a positive urge for physical growth and improvement, an enthusiastic super-psyched motivation to create big change.

Such intense positivity and a willingness to make things great again infects us all, as if suddenly possessed to repossess that ideal wonderment of yesteryear, and, as we saw in the Taurus lunation (May 6), something is building into a very steady march towards a big earth movement.

Venus, ruler of Taurus features heavily in all this beneficent activity this week. The pleasure goddess hits off no less than five soft aspects this week (☌☿ , ∗♆, △♃, △♇, △☊), not only becoming the prettiest ornament in this grand trine, but with other softies (Moon and Neptune), a Grand Kite will be flying too (see May 11). This exudes an intensely magnetic quality into the air. Those quiet, more introverted types (especially earth/water signs) may seem exceedingly attractive, drawing us in to indulge in their creamy/dreamy brands of affection, lustfulness and sensuality.

…and maybe some cake. [yumm]

Such is the urge to partake in the earthy goodness, hooking up with fellow lovelies, milling and lolloping about, sharing the air of ‘mutual purpose’; such is the cordial generosity, the kindness and good fellowship; such is the level of backflippery extended in graceful acts and hospitable actions, that by the weekend kindly gestures may veer easily toward a noxiously obsessive wastefulness, the overly saccharine or gaudily distasteful (⊼ ♄).

Again, the foghorn warnings of June’s Grand Mutable Cross are there in the distance. They sound and they resound for us to not to get too carried away with feeding the ego.

It’s silly, because we say this nearly every week now. However, our strong, clutching attachment to our past (baggage) is temptingly threatening to hold us back from our spiritual development. Here, where many of us had made so much progress recently in letting those heavy hang-ups go, we see ourselves being tenuously sucked back to our familiar creature comforts and the convenient lies of the old world, seemingly ready to sign up to our biggest investment in the 3D world ever.

But hang on… is it reality?

Why, they’re practically giving it away… and it’s available online!

Gottta laugh…

But, what to do? Mercury is still in retrograde so there’s lots of talk going around, a lot of great, deeply brainwashing-type-deals floating about, several hype campaigns being spun using simple, familiar, repetitive messages, from the most personally appealing to the most globally aspiring. Neptune’s softer aspects this week make us so impressionably wishful to believe something, anything, as long as it makes us feel better, that we are prone to invest much more than we cold ever, physically have.

Why not? If it feels good, there must be some goodness to it, right? Why not order some now?

Ok, just a reminder that Saturn is now closing in to make the big T-Square (♃/ ♄/ ♆), and just know too, that those of you who are not being at least a little skeptical about everything they hear (especially those deals that sound too good to be true) are setting themselves up for a sad one… a real downer.

I’m not trying to spoil the party here. Just fact. The universe’s physical resources are running out for the kind of fun and frivolity we used to have in the past.

In fact, I will be out there with the rest of you, soaking up some of those good old vibes myself – might even fly a kite on Wednesday.

But, while my dreamy mind is up in the clouds, I will be keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground, thank mother earth. My spirit radar will be keenly on the lookout for any thoughts and ideas that are not in sync or in alignment with this precious moment – anything that seems too heavily invested in trying to sell me more of that past stuff. In particular, I’ll be on the sniff for those whose arrogance in their dealings is forcefully trying to convince me of how important their product, or their operation is for my own security and happiness, not today, but tomorrow.

I will be comparing their promises to my own ability to create security, happiness and well-being for myself in the now.

At least here, I will be exercising my ability to choose – not be coerced that their way is the only way to buy any assurance of sustaining comfort and contentment.

Anyway, this will be a beautiful week ahead – one in which seemingly ‘angelic’ contacts with those who present themselves in earthly form come closer to us, somehow facilitating the continuous breaking-down and building-up of our ego. This is the big process now – one that will eventually elevate us into a total harmonisation with the Spiritual Light.

[pic: joel sossa]
[pic: joel sossa]

No, this is not me spinning into some rich, lofty spiritual platitudes here. In fact, in among and beyond all the sugary spoils and physically tantalising gratifications being hurled at us this week, each trying to cunningly tempt us and distract our egotistical desires to come party in rich luxurious pleasantness, there is a totally divine calling for us to come together for a much higher, commonly held purpose.

What is this?
This, has something to do with ♥ apparently…
With eyes and hearts peeled.
Blessings, and stay tuned to the Daily Planets for more updates.
and have an amazing week x

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