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The Week Ahead – May 21-28

Ok, so amongst other astrological treats, the big deal this week is the third and climaxing square between greater planets Jupiter and Saturn, exact on Thursday, May 26. If we allow ourselves to play into it’s crippling ways, it is an aspect which has the power to douse all our enthusiasms like an ice-bucket over the head, leaving us cold in our tracks…

It has that power.

If we allow ourselves to play into it.

And yet, like all Saturn aspects, its effects are simply psychological. Simply a case of mind over matter.

The three dimensional world is simply energy compressed into form, and we just know (there has been scientific experiments to prove this) that if we can get physical form to shift its mass into energy we can overcome any matter (E = mc 2, or Energy = mass x speed of light 2)

Ok, that’s maybe a bit too complex for us right now, but the premise of this theory needs to be understood in a way that we are now able to comprehend something: That based on where we place our energy, we are also able to choose what matters/manifests in the world that we see/experience.

So we can choose to talk about the heavy matter of the gradual warming of this planet, which is creating all sorts of economic and ecological crises; we can focus on the sea-levels rising; unprecedented species destruction – particularly of marine life; millions of displaced humans being made homeless from war-torn or famine-ravaged lands; swarming refugees into developed countries that are neither going to accept them or ever let them find a dignified way home; whilst domestically the fall of small business and commerce sees rising unemployment feed into a malcontented, misguided population becoming angrier and reaching a point of where it is seeking extreme solutions to even the most basic problems of survival.

Or, more locally, with you, we can choose to see a gradual increase in your own pessimism which now brings you to a point where you feel most uncertain and unsure about how all this can go on any further, and try as you may, something is clearly not allowing you to live up to your dreams. Overcome, and driven to the point of exhaustion by growing personal insecurities, mixed with all kinds of inadequacies, you choose to overlook, even gloss over the real reasons behind past or current failures. Rather than take responsibility you deflect all your troubles entirely, choosing instead to pass all blame onto our loved ones or partner.

You see this as a time where optimism is reaching an unprecedented low, and general confidence has all but been completely deflated.

And after all, you ask yourself, how did we come to this….

What’s that?


You mean you don’t see it like that at all?

Ooh… I like the sound of that.

How do you see it?

Oh… mind over matter huh? You are not willing to allow your energy to crystallise and give form to such heavy, negative and depressing matter?

Then you must be working with the principles of light.

Then this week should not affect your light and sunny disposition at all.

Then you shouldn’t need to read this either:

Jupiter Square Saturn : The Happy-Sad Syndrome

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