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Week Ahead – May 15 – 22

In a week where the principal astronomical event was the transit of Mercury passing before the Sun – something which has been anticipated for 10 years and not to be repeated again till 2019, we also experienced the quicksilver planet’s conjunction to Venus, not seen since August 2015.

Astrologically though, on a psycho-spiritual level, we saw retro-Mercury, ruler of communications, charged with the full electromagnetic force of the Sun, then, his message harmonised by Venus, proceed backwards (inwards) to create a grand earth trine with Pluto/North Node (sifting between past/future concerns). This has created another shift in our basic ability to make intense, highly vivid connections in our communication style. The more sensitive among us would have observed last week as an intensely mental time, where hyperactive processing took part in both lucid, waking states and in subconscious dreamscape modes as the mind tried puzzlingly to synthesise both past with future, sifting and sorting through all memory as it tried to discern useful fact from tedious, heavy and toxically corruptive fiction.

Have you noticed this with you?

Much is transforming now within our basic internal mental processes. It’s like our mind is reconfiguring.

More significantly, how bizarre are the changes that are reflected back to us from the external world? More than ever, we can literally see the change occurring around us. Every shift in our inner consciousness is instantly reflected back to us in our experience with those around us.

What we are strongly able to discern now is how our world is splitting into two very distinct levels of consciousness. The split into these two very contrasting levels is happening before our very eyes – both levels starkly obvious, yet both, at times, seemingly beyond belief in the cartoonish way in which they are playing out.

They unfold in such extreme manifestations of themselves so that we do not miss the contrast. Through these extraordinary events which we are witnessing in our world – through the obvious schism that is occurring, we get to make a choice….

The proponents of one level of consciousness will argue for the limitations of control and domination through fear and terror as we have known it. Those who play into this level will become increasingly engaged in polarising themselves against one another, descending more and more into a terrible war in which no-one can ever win.

The other level of consciousness is far more subtle, not quite as visible as yet, and is being demonstrated by those who hold the belief that there is a better way of life – a more respectful, dignified, more collaborative way towards achieving a state of well-being for all of us to experience.

A kind of heaven on earth, as it were…

This conjunction between Mercury and Venus at 16°♉57′ (Friday 13th May) was the first of three very distinct moments in 2016 when many of us will make a very informed choice (two more, 16 July & 31 Aug).

This heightened rapacity to discern what makes sense in our mind, means we are also capable of choosing who and what is adding value to our own life story. We choose to whom we give attention, time, effort and who to just (with all kindness) excuse ourselves from and move along.

This is a critical point in our transitioning into a higher dimensional understanding. Yet, it’s important to note that with Mercury still in retro, we are still perplexed with what to make of all these interior thoughts/exterior observations.

Much will start to make more sense in the near future – especially after Mercury stations to go direct at 14°♉20′ (Sunday May 22). Without complicating things too much, notice how your highly refined mind becomes much better at operating from a place of sound, earthy observation (without judgement).

Of course there will be those whose minds will not be able to process into the higher register. If you find yourself being demanding, and breaking into fits of anger, rage, possessiveness  – catch yourself and take some time out. Breathe yourself back into stillness and re-member not to act out.

In the days ahead, we go into deep drill mode as Mercury returns to make that perfect ☿/♇/☊ earth grand trine again (May 31). Information streaming in from all dimensions has before never served to cut such a divide before us… the trick is to not allow it to create a divide between us.

[source: Data Never Sleeps, 2015]
[source: Data Never Sleeps, 2015]
Speaking of Mercury, the winged messenger will become highly instrumental in the coming weeks, as the Sun moves into its domicile Gemini (Friday May 20). The world of ideas and communication takes on a whole new business. This is a phenomenal period of time in the world of information – even by today’s standards, where every 48 hours we create as much information as we did from the dawn of recorded history to 2003.

Information has never been so ‘useful’, but also, never as deceiving, distracting or damning either. It seems that anyone who has an ego-inflation problem will easily manipulate information to further their cause. Likewise, these characters appear to be brought down to earth just as smartly with just a few strategically placed words on a tweet, or in one of these now ubiquitous blogs.

Yes, forget your Watergates, Wikileaks, Snowdons and Panama Papers… or rather, re-member these as a classic example of how the greatest of egos, and entire nations can be brought to their knees. Let’s face it, anyone who is anyone in the world of bigshots is up for a levelling now. If one has cheated the truth and left a little digital dirt trail in the wake to eminence, all it will take is some intrepid teenage hacker to sniff out the dirt. Few become bigshots in this world without leaving a thread of corrupt activity somewhere along the line. In the digital universe, all ‘messages’ are stored somewhere, up there in the ‘cloud’ right? Up there with ‘God’, ready and waiting to be strategically revealed by some ‘angel’, who serves in the most ‘appropriate’ way to ‘humble’ us. Or is that humiliate us?

Anyway, with all this amazing technology in our hands, the truth is that we are really here. We have arrived and are empowered now with the ability to not only communicate, but to act in accord or discord with the Gods. Which Gods? The Gods of today are publishing and propaganda, of politics and government, of marketing, advertising, business, of education and science… of philosophy and religion…

..what’s that? We are taking on the Gods of religion now??

hmm… let’s just walk through that one.

Ok… by sharing our thoughts and opinions, we are given an unprecedented freedom to question, analyse and pass merit on the strengths and weaknesses of the Word of others. There are no indemnities, no sacred cows in the digital age. It takes no time at all for a hot topic to trend to epidemic proportions, and as we are seeing, questioning leads to answers, or at least raises a critical mass to press formal inquiry. Social media creates a perfect little forum for that. We have seen it as far back as 2011 with the Arab Spring, how a well-spread Facebook campaign (Egypt 2011, “We are all Khaled Said“) can bring an entire nation out to the streets, and in turn can bring down an entire government.

Lots of this is happening, but none more impressively than in the thinly veiled revolution that is rapidly unfolding in the US at the moment under the stewardship of master communicator and all-round wise-guy Donald Trump. This is one Alpha Male who, at almost 70 (birthday 14th June, 1946) has, in all rights, excelled in all forms of self-promoting his own ‘Word/Image/Brand’ versus those of some of the other running ‘Gods’. No he’s not a brawler, although he has been exemplary in bringing down all 16 of his fellow candidates, which include several past and current republican senators and governors (including one Bush). It should be noted that this was the largest presidential primary field for any political party in American history, and Donald managed to wipe them all out, well before the race was done.

We won’t worry about exactly how he did this, but as the Donald continues to create unprecedented history we must keep in mind that he did this alone – without the help of anyone but the power of his own ‘Word’. He dared to stand up there and, with full might and bluster, speak his ‘Mind’, managing to summon so much support from the masses that he has created nothing less than a revolution. This has left most ‘experts’ puzzled, leaving the establishment (all established politics, not just the GOP) reeling in tatters. Unprecedented.

We wonder how many are aware that Donald’s rising sign is precisely conjunct Regulus (29° Leo), often called the “Heart of the Lion”. Regulus, the star of kings, chiefly associated with royalty, power, or at least with a ‘bigshot’ temperament.

The Greeks wrote that those who have this star prominent are esteemed, commanding, independent, outspoken, big-hearted, often wealthy and born leaders of men. We’re not going to dispute this about the Don. However, his Midheaven (public reputation, legacy) at 24° Taurus is conjunct Algol – the Head of Medusa – the monster or the devil: this star brings about woes, violence, brutality and cruelty. It also often indicates a violent death, but it does not exclude elevation and wealth in the lead up. Many astrologers consider this to be the most horrid star to have prominent, and with Donald, it foreshadows quite a lot. But does Donald care? Donald is clearly on the path to cause some major derailments And history seems to be colluding with him. One does not need to be an astrologer to see that…

[I am in the process of drafting a full article on the Donald’s chart – a fascinating horoscope – since he really is an oddity we wish to look at much more closely.]

Just like another wiseguy a few years back, who used his word to derail the establishment that espoused him. Who am I talking about? No, not who you’re thinking of (the artist formerly known as Hitler?). No, not Lincoln either, although they are damned good examples of guys who rose into politics in the same way as Trump – by being very controversial but very persuasive with their words, taking their deeply held beliefs to the hilt and causing all-round unprecedented unrest. (Remember, we’re not talking good or evil here, right?)

Not talking about Jiddu Krishnamurti either, who dumped on the whole theosophical movement that groomed him. Not talking Galileo, nor Socrates, nor Buddha, not even that recent wiseguy, Osho – all considered blasphemous heretics in their day… in fact there were many more who managed to turn over the respective apple carts of their day, but mostly I’m talking about that irascible little Jewish upstart – Jesus. To this day, the Jewish fraternity still cannot live him down for trying to take on the prevailing ‘God’ of his day…

Anyway, where am I going with this?

‘Words’…. Spoken, written, broadcast, tweeted, blogged words – once the domain of the revolutionary and the fearlessly courageous (albeit crucified) few, now the commodity of each of us. As we shall see, as early as this week, a great new sweep of information will rise up to the fore, to be shared, discussed, analysed and used as ammunition to assassinate the gods and all the lesser martinets of today’s fight for ‘truth’.

Remember, it is important not to look at things in ‘right/wrong’, ‘good guy/bad guy’ terms. Things occur in extremes to show us a sign, teach us a lesson – mostly about how imbalanced our lives have become. We need to slow down, observe and just be thankful for what lessons we are receiving.

Meanwhile, Mercury slows right down to a halt by next weekend.

All week it remains around the midpoint of a grand earth trine with Jupiter/Pluto, affecting our thinking processes so that we slow down to study things more deeply, first within ourselves (while in retrograde), then amongst others (from the following week on). We develop an obsessive attitude with regard to getting to the heart of things, distilling them down to simple, palatable, digestible chunks (Taurus). Ultimately it is all about making a clearer decision on how we will choose to act moving forward. The weeks ahead will be full of opportunities for quantum growth, though they may not always be presented in the easiest of times.

The super-tight quincunx to Saturn, spells out the discomfort this will make to the status quo – an establishment who has built their world on litigation, speculation, religious prophesy and propaganda. It seems the world of highest learning and prefecture, with all their letters, documents and opinion polls just fails to estimate just what to do to “fix” the problems of today. Somehow, it seems, they are missing something.

sadgeA fiery full Moon at 01°♐14′ (♂  ∠ ♇) on Saturday May 21 brings a lot of intense aggression into our world that may even be overpowering, or obsessive. Whilst there are opportunities to work through the extremely gruelling stuff, the objective must be to focus on things that affect the whole world, or at least a great number of people. As mentioned above, we are working toward reaching phenomenal breakthroughs. Those who make this extremely personal, engage in the domination of others, running over them in an uncaring, violent or brutal fashion and caught up in their own self-promoting idolatry will stand out very clearly as being only instruments and tools of the lower dimensional world of fear and separation.

The challenge then becomes for you to harness your power in such ways that it can used to effect deep and profound changes first in yourself, then others, then the world at large. This will not be easy. Pluto energy needs to be understood and processed using deep, penetrating terms of self-effacement. We need to understand that much of what we set out to achieve on a big, evolutionary transformative scale is often loaded with in-built smokescreens and saboteurs like disbelief, denial, dread, disillusionment, and the desire to cease to be – all demons which emanate out of our own, morbid insecurities. These demons lurk deep within us, inherited from generations of dysfunctional cultural programming that refuses to die. And when these demons rise within, oh, how blindly we project them onto others – particularly when we come across as even a little obsessive about achieving our agenda at the expense of everyone and everything.

Such brutality needs healing. And the world is full of this brutality.

The world needs healing now.

For those that have been feeling increasingly wild and restless these past few weeks, it may just be a sign that a true breakthrough is coming via an intervention by Spirit. Stay centred, feet on the ground and focused on your own hard work, preferably on a personal project that requires lots of effort and heaps of passion… tune into your inner guides and just keep tabs on your own behaviour. Worry less about correcting and blaming others. If anything, own everything you see as a manifestation of how upset you are within. Work with that. It’s always an excellent project.

And have an amazing week,
Blessings x

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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