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The Week Ahead – May 1 – 8

A rare week, which sees 5 planets retrograde (☿, ♂, ♃, ♄, ♅, ♇), and 5 in earth signs, a very grounding Taurus New Moon (Friday, 6 Apr), and Saturn in Sagittarius holding any inklings of any joy (♀, ♃, ♆) to ransom,  let’s not act so surprised when every time we check the rear-view mirror it appears like we’re actually moving backwards rather than making any progress on this glorious life journey.

That’s right, with these planetary conditions, it appears like objects, places, folks we have passed anytime in the past 3 weeks to the past 3 years are actually moving towards us.

Besides this, the constrictive, frustrating Mars/Saturn collusion  between 7° and 15° Sagittarius (both ℞), now squared by Neptune, makes it feel as if we’re skidding, both feet firmly on the brakes upon a greasy, sliding surface that shows no clear sign of where we’ll end up.

Have we hit a wall, or does it looks like

There is much, much uncertainty growing, and with this uncertainty come efforts that are not exactly settling. Much as we try, the only certainty that many of us have is that a bitter thing cannot be made sweet. We can try to sugar-coat it but the realisation is, anyway you fake it, long as you continue to take it, the poison cannot be changed into nectar.

This week, accentuated by the NEW MOON, an intensely strong pull is dragging us back toward the past and its associated toxic ‘karmic’ situations (☊/♇). Despite the emerging new shift in consciousness (♅/♇), we wonder how on earth we will ever reach for the stars when our attachments to this earth keep holding us down. Seems like a desperate, oppressive pull to hold us down to people, things, ideas, contracts and agreements that either won’t go away, or we still feel some obligation to honour and defend (♂/♄). 

With all this retrograde activity, the past recurs as a series of upsets, regrets, disappointments, broken or reneged agreements that we just know have ceased to serve us, and yet we somehow wish to make amends or repairs.

We wish to heal the planet, make our nation proud and make our country great again. So many promises being made, yet in the deepest sense and with much consternation, rather than feel any real comfort or security, the conscious human of today suspects that all is far from safe and steady. Our relentless, unshakeable attachment to the past only serves to make us feel more and more miserable and uncertain.

And why?

Oh, could it be that in all the fervour to change the outside, the exterior, the others we neglect the on thing we can actually do something about?

Nahh… [what’s he talking about??]

In the next few weeks, as we stubbornly continue to devote our time and dwindling resources towards trying to restore something that was largely built upon an illusion or a lie, we seem like marching slowly, backwards, through marshy swampland, regressing into a grave danger of being left drained, sapped, depleted of anything of substance that we have to stand on (♄/♆).

We need to totally overcome any attachment to this past dream if we can make any progress. Both our personal, and collective evolution depends on it entirely.

Yet, for the moment, the allure of the thinly sugar-coated euphemisms being applied to everything we do seem to be offering some temporary refuge or escape, a debilitating diversion from facing the ever-daunting truth-pill that we eventually must swallow.

A tremendous tug-o-war between the past and the future now ensues.

How we handle this struggle is a deeply personal thing. How we meet those remnants of our past that seem to haunt and hold a power over us – whether it be people or ideas with whom we have struggled for power; who seem to limit or restrict our freedom to move forward into our own evolution, is the greatest challenge of the next few weeks. There will be losses…

This week marks a new, point – a line in the sand, which we must consciously, purposely choose to cross if we are to press ahead with our inner compulsion to move forward to evolve.

How capable are you to overcome the pressure of other people?
How strong are you, in spite of feelings of oppressiveness, to break away from feeling extremely drawn to maintain those toxic connections?
Can you even see them and their debilitating effect upon you?

The assistance from Jupiter (△☉/☽), which comes to a station this week (SD 15°♍13′, May  9), as frustrated (□♄) and deflated (☍♆) as it may be, reinforces our inner need to be very careful about who we form connections with. Through our exploration into solitude, we can find strength to  break away, seek out those who will truly meet our needs, and not allow the past to get in the way of fulfilling our goals.

For those who have joined me in The Cosmic Tribe, I will continue to issue regular updates & special posts such as this one on Mercury ℞ on how to deeper understand the process, and make the most challenging period. Look out for the Taurus New Moon post (midweek), and I encourage you all to join the ‘Tribe’ – maintaining grounded support through this unique evolutionary journey.

Have an amazing week,
Blessings x

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016


  1. FAR OUT!!…..that DOES explain it succinctly. THANKYOU

  2. Love this one Ang! This whole build up feels lime being a Vodoo doll stuck full of push pins. 2nd guessing relationshios and just being harsh with expectations. To thine own self be true! Thanks!

  3. Love this one Ang! This whole build up feels like being a Vodoo doll stuck full of push pins. 2nd guessing relationships and just being harsh with expectations. To thine own self be true! Thanks!

  4. kathrynarnett1@yahoo.com

    Thank you! The decision of crossing over.. Have been having intense dreams on this matter and now reading this..,got it!
    Just needed that one last push..
    Your words helped me access the trust in self.. ❤️

  5. This is exactly what I am experiencing. I do know the answer. How I handle it & how I get there is taking a different approach from the usual. I am observing , learning & anticipating the end result. However it turns out, I know will be the way it is supposed to be for me. Many in my path are being swept to the side as a means to reach my authentic whole self & not join in or become the leeches they are on the material plane. To rise above their level of existence in a purer form & not seeing them as repulsive as I am during this time. Ain’t no sugar coating here!

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