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Wednesday, 11 May, ☽♋, Grand Kite

[art: christian schloe]
[art: christian schloe]
The Kite configuration is simply an extension of the earth Grand Trine (☉/☿/♀, ♃/☊, ♇).  By opposing Pluto, one of the trine planets, the Cancer Moon creates added motivation and potential, spurring us to utilise the opportunities and gifts offered up by this very grounding Grand Trine. This opposition, however, is not necessarily going to allow us to stay very emotionally stable without sensing strong psychic interferences from another individual.

Pluto becomes the focal point here, reaching across the chart, from the string of sextiles to the tip of the trines and by the provocation of the fleeting Cancer moon, trigger off all kinds of deeply repressed psycho-sexual reactions.

These are now in a favourable place to be addressed with by all those around you. Trick is, not to react.

Welcome to this moment.

There is much white noise about now. Like white light, all signal frequencies are transmitted concurrently, creating a haywire of noise that is impossible to decipher.

Your sensitive mind is prone to simultaneously pick up on every signal ever transmitted. It can be messy. Too much.

But you can choose.

Firstly, take control of that mind. It is the only thing you can control. Hold those horses by the reigns and direct them where you will. You are the master here. Steer your thinking to go only where you command.

Secondly, know this, wherever your mind takes you, your heart is sure to follow. It yearns to attach an emotion to the thoughts that enter your mind. A feeling is always there to invest, just to make things personal for you.

If you unconsciously, unwittingly allow your mind to steer you into the information pathways of its own, unbridled volition then you will invariably be taken on an emotional joyride, which may not always be the most desirable state of being.

You will react, sometimes rather negatively. Observe this in your behaviour today.

Be still.
Become aware that you are consciously in command of where you place your attention.

Learn now how to direct your consciousness, how to purposely synthesise your thoughts & ideas into your emotional responses. Learn to practically apply these things in such a way that allows you to consciously engage in this cosmic dance, this fluid motion, and to get from it what you desire.

 © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2016

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  1. Up and down and all around. I hear you and appreciate knowing it’s a universal ride. Try to be focused with your bubble on. Got it. Thanks Ang. So appreciate your words.

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