Venus quincunx Saturn

Venus quincunx Saturn

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‘The Crystal Ball’ (1943)

No, you will NOT meet a tall dark stranger, you will NOT be inheriting a large sum of cash, and the future is going to look much BLEAKER than you could ever imagine if you don’t pull your anterior out of your posterior and sort out your heart matters a bit more realistically.

Unfortunately, somewhere along your romantic journey, you felt a stern, obliging sense of duty to defer your own happiness for the sake of someone else’s.

Kinda noble, but let’s face it… it sucks.

And so, you got stuck carrying a big heavy cross on your shoulders – one you just can’t seem to shake. Yes, yes, probably a “karmic debt from another lifetime”, right?

Anyway, whatever happens, that whole “conscientious doormat” attitude of yours will continue to put you into spells of inadequacy, send you through bouts of feeling isolated and lonely, until you finally wake up to yourself and realise that you owe nothing to nobody.

Nothing that you can’t resign from immediately, anyway.

And nobody’s going to feel any pity for you either. Pity is not a thing to be hanging around for.

If you go on attaching yourself to notions that being happy means being somebody’s tool, then don’t waste your precious time going from one fortune-teller to the next, expecting your lot to change.

Just own up to the truth – that single-handedly, your aversion to peace and happiness is essentially what’s hampering you from getting some.

You are going through a spiritual crisis, and until you become aware that you ARE worthy of being loved and respected, particularly by your OWN self, then you will continue to hold doubts about your own worthiness.

And that… that is so unsexy.


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  1. Bottom Line Truths by my Fearless Cosmic Tribe Leader !!! Much Appreciated by Me Expecially Today Ang Stoic….

  2. That was mind blowing, and I have been studying my chart for 35 years.

  3. I feel so fucking attacked, holy s h i t
    I am trying to get way better though
    idk what valuing/prioritizing my own happiness looks like
    but I want to get there and stop feeling depressing obligation
    I always fall out of love or become unhappy and still stay

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