Wednesday, 25 May

SUN conjunct VENUS/Vesta, opposition MARS
LILITH/JUNO conjunct in Scorpio

The polarisation of the masculine against the feminine during this week , especially with the Full Moon juxtaposition of ☽/♂ against ☉/♀, is an odd, yet very rare coincidence.

But it is a telling point against the backdrop of greater dynamic aspects. We have now officially entered the transgenderisation zone. A period where masculine becomes feminised and feminine masculinised – almost in a military fashion.

At this critical turning point in time we commence an intense, most confronting period in our history, an interpersonal condition thats been seething within/between us since October 2014 (Aries Blood Moon), when traditional cultural ways became unrooted to lend themselves to the extremities of both left and right. These percolating themes are amassing into this critical manifestation of what was always lurking, just waiting to be…

In the division buried beneath any cultural pressure, but particularly that between the sexes (even within marriage), lay a dormant volatility, a potential evanescence of an atmosphere which has silently been edging towards extremism, each side with its own utopian ideas, each polarising the other towards certain diametric ends.

Yes, polarisation is a good way to garner support if you’re running a campaign to win an election or to wage war, but it’s also a good way to ruin any population.

On either side of what is now fomenting to be a potentially turbulent conflict, also exists a great opportunity to demonstrate compassion and to diminish hatred based on respecting and honouring one another’s basic humanity.

Without such a respect, the 3D world of fear-fuelled ignorance and uninformed assumptions, attachment to cultural prejudices, desperation to feed basic human needs, or panicked uncertainty of the moment has the potential to explode into violence.

Are you capable of bringing great love and sacrifice or bitter anger for the sake of realising your utopian or romantic ideals?

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