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A great message is currently being transmitted to everyone on this planet. Please be prepared to listen. It can be an uneasy moment to decipher, but if you are still within yourself you will receive it, clearly.

We are being called to raise our consciousness immediately. There is no time to waste. We must all get this. If we remain caught up with the physical form – if we continue to squabble and become carried away with mindless politics and those poor individuals who continue to stand publicly, trying desperately to attract our attention, we may become entirely distracted by the essence of the message.

We have been unwittingly helping to create the most horrendous imbalance this planet has ever seen. By projecting our uncertainties, our fears and instabilities outward, by looking for scapegoats in our neighbours and placing all importance upon our leaders to repair our own dire situation, we risk feeding an energetic system which is perilously close to destroying the physical integrity of this earth.

We must understand the energetics of ownership.
We must know that for the sake of our survival, we have given away much of our personal power by entering agreements that do not serve the whole, but only certain individuals.We must immediately own nothing but our part in the growing imbalance that has become this corrupted lower dimensional society.

These agreements can no longer stand.

[pic- caroline madison]
[pic- caroline madison]
We have entered a new paradigm, engaging in a whole new experiment. We are now being asked to operate using a whole new currency system……being called to transform our understanding and worth of reality to a higher dimensional set of values. One whose power depends on no one but our own. One that carries no past. One that forms no attachmentsMuch work has already been done on the angelic realms by the divine messengers to the light.

It is now up to us here in the physical realm to listen and to do our part.

Are you listening?

Are you ready to let go of that baggage and jump on board?

Over the past 3-4 years, the exponential pace of the evolution of our consciousness has reached such a point where it is difficult, even for those lightest of beings on this plane to handle.
It is time to slow down. To come to a point of absolute stillness. To recollect ourselves from our journey into all alternative dimensions and to come back down to earth.
This is the critical message right now.
Many of you who are very sensitive are observing how easily you become drawn into possessions. How easily, too, you may become energetically possessed.
Your body is lightening. And yet your mind is trying desperately to make sense in ways that are not linear – not aligning to the three-dimensional language you are accustomed to. And so, there is danger of confusion, anxiety about your experience.
[pic: joel sossa]
[pic: joel sossa]
Be still. It’s ok.
As you learn to better discern what is authentically you and what is truly yours, you also feel much easier invaded, burdened, upset, annoyed, outraged, afraid, sickened by the energies that go on around you that are NOT you/yours.
Similarly, your capacity to feel affection, warmth, compassion and love to those you experience as your and your kind becomes more enhanced.
These extraordinary sensations are not easy to integrate into your physical/mental/emotional body – a being that has, for millions of years, been largely stuck in the attachments of a three-dimensional world.
Time to return to this body and to just sit with that.
Time to integrate everything you have learned about discernment, discretion and making grounded, practical choices.
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