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The Week Ahead – May 30 – …..

To talk about this week out of context with the entire month leading up to it, or the year… decade… even century would be selling it short in many ways.

But let me say too, that I don’t intend to create an unnecessary air of drama around it either. For one, because what’s building up in the climactic Grand Mutable Cross (Sunday Jun 05, 03:01 am, New Moon @14°♊53′) week has been building up in subtle ways for a very long time, and secondly because much of the fanfare about this very rare outer planet 4th harmonic syndrome has been covered, over and over, in various ways by at least this astronut.

What we are now about to see is the combination of all of the fabulous aspects that have been working us over in these last year or so, all coming together to drive home the message:MGC

  1. Moon conjunct Neptune, square Saturn, opposition Jupiter

  2. The Saturn/Neptune square

  3. Jupiter Square Saturn : The Happy-Sad Syndrome

  4. Mercury over the Pluto/Node midpoint

  5. The Mutable Grand Cross

I won’t ask you to read them – the above links are only some of my many interpretations on the main aspects, of pairs or more planets. As I have been writing about these for over a year now, much of the (once) theory has come to unfold, and the dream that we were holding has also come to manifest before us – each of us experiencing it in our own, unique way.

As every week has come closer, so has the message become more refined, and somewhat superfluous. Much of what I have been talking about, particularly about the split of this world into (at least) two distinct levels of consciousness, has already unfolded.

As we have been learning, the three-dimensional world of fear, judgement and negativity is really coming to a close here. All representatives of wisdom, science and belief are pointing to one another (like a four-pronged intersection). Mostly though, it is the world of Saturn who is getting a pummelling here.
It’s the structure.
The establishment.
All your life you have been conditioned to be a certain way.
Told you must fit in to a standard. Be more like something else.
Be like someone.
Someone else.
Someone who craves your joy;
your youth;
your vitality and enthusiasm;
your happiness;
your ability to dream;
your ability to feel like you’re a part of something magical, beautiful, all encompassing…
Someone who essentially wants you to be as miserable as they are.

Some drastic things are going to happen here, but it all depends on how grounded you have been; how firmly you have held a grip on your own version of reality; how well you’ve managed to keep it all together without relying on any exterior crutches (baggage) to support your version of the dream.

How discerning have you been about what your own dream is? What draws heavily on the illusion that has been conditioned into you by your culture?

How aware are you that this experience is actually a manifestation of your dream?

Being a mutable crisis, much depends on how we are processing our currency exchange with the universeAre your ‘pesos’ being accepted and engaging in the fair market trade with the ‘rupees’, ‘yuan’ or petro-dollars’ etc. from other currency sources?

Is you energy interacting well with the energy of others?

Is your creative sun shining in ways that is being well-received by all the other creative sources – the other suns? Are you engaged in the wonderful symphony of co-creation with all the other stars in your universe?

Or is your star light dwindling?

Or, even more frightening, are you emanating a vortex of darkness, which only sucks in light and gives nothing back out, contributes nothing in the currency exchange?

Is your star a death star?

Anyway, we’ve been talking about energy, and light, and even love… talking about all sorts of things over these many months. Talking about discernment…

Have you been discerning about what comes in/what does out/ what you keep and what you release?

Being discerning actually means taking a tougher line on those things to which you are most partial, those things that mean most to you – those sweet, most preciously held (but sometimes) obsessive and addictive attachments. Because, you know, it’s no use being discerning about the peripheral stuff – the stuff that matters little. What we need to do is take a step back and take a more realistic stand on what we actually need to carry/endure/put up with, and what we need to lose because… well, basically, it’s made of s(h)it…

Ok… so some last minute tips on how to prepare for this phenomenal shift coming this week:

1. IDENTIFY NEGATIVITY: – Toxic situations or people that constantly drag you into despair and leave you without a positive solution are draining. Learn to spot those immediately.

2. DRAW IN SUPPORT: You may call on others to help you in your fight. They could be your friends, teachers oJUPITER in VIRGO trine PLUTO, astrology aspects, ang stoic, astrology readingr your ‘better angels’. Ask for their guidance and support. Invest in these as much as possible to help you tackle those who are ‘drainers’. This may have to be a ‘team/group’ effort. This will dissipate the impact of negativity upon your own spirit and help to reinforce your fight.

3. DON’T TAKE (sh)IT PERSONALLY: The negative attitude speaks for itself. Learn to disassociate your emotional reactions to a negative situation. This is NEVER directed at you. Negative-minded people are only warning you that they are suffering a crisis. Don’t get dragged into it. This is NOT about you. If you are not equipped to deal with the dark energy, move away.

4. LOOK FOR THE LIGHT: Your opportunity to turn this into something positive will become apparent if you actively seek it. Always look for the solution. This might be easier if you divert the topic into a happier place. Change the subject to something less dark/heavy if you must.

5. PULL AWAY: Learn to make your point very quickly and effectively, then promptly separate yourself from the situation. Every difficult challenge must have an end. Aim towards creating your timely exit once you have done all you can. Pull away, neatly, just in time.

6. DUMP FROM THE POOL: Sometimes you have to accept that there is nothing you can do with some people. Your time and energy is precious and you must spend it wisely. Understand that some people will never respond to your brand of help. Leave them. Move on to those who will appreciate your efforts. And never look back.

7. RETURN TO A PLACE OF JOY: Remember. You must come to a ‘reset’ point if ever you get ‘bummed out’. You are able to make YOURSELF happy. Nobody else can do that for you. They may only share in your well-being or allow you to experience joy in your aloneness.

Radars on… light-sabres ready… go to battle.

…and remember – those who have the most, also have the most to lose.

and may you have an amazing week xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

Please Note: 
I will be setting up a special Facebook group this week for members of the Cosmic Tribe – that is, paid monthly subscribers only – this will provide a more interactive experience (for all those CT members who wish to join this group). It’s exciting because we are finally (as envisioned) taking it to the next level, with special ‘ASTROLOGY OF NOW’ content and new, regular live video feeds.

Most of these will be exclusive since I am relieving many of my paid, one-to-one session work hours. These will be more in the form of Cosmic Workshops, both on my home grounds and on the road…

The objective – now that we have a decent number enrolled – is to provide a forum where i can focus on expanding some of this neo-cosmic stuff together with the tribe, without relying on just writing long articles, which, quite frankly are just becoming tougher to keep short and succinct, and often tiresome for both of us…

Time to step into the new dimension using the latest media. (Yes, of course i will still write – not sure what that will evolve into though). It’s all exciting.

Also it gives me an opportunity to meet those of you who cannot afford to book a private session, plus, a chance for some of you to get to know my world and see how amazingly it is unfolding, as well as some of the amazing people in my real-world tribe.

I look forward to seeing you all here, and will send invitations (through the mail) to all paid members  during this week.

If you are not yet signed up – please do that here [click]…

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic


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