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Taurus/Taurus Rising – (May 21-28)

[art: Giovanni Auriemma]
[art: Giovanni Auriemma]

How much do you depend on others to get what you want? You may be about to discover your true worth in the deepest sense of the word when others begin to form appraisals about you that you may not necessarily welcome or accept. Ultimately a fierce struggle will occur and something may give way completely forcing great…(read more…..)

…personal tension till a change occurs. To say this all comes down to money would be too easy. It’s much more than that. Underneath it all there is a currency exchange between you that if not kept flowing could affect self-esteem and confidence and make one of you feel like you’re losing out.

You need to come eye to eye with what’s important in your encounters with others. Smart, sure, secure investments that benefit one another on all the levels where you seek satisfaction.

In fact the only thing you ought to bank on this week is the need to bring on some change. Truly transform your situation. Things cannot go on the way they are any more, and you are inclined to tackle this matter with some aggression.

Ask yourself whether you have attracted someone who only values and admires you as you would prefer to be seen. In such a case, you may see those ‘best’ or ‘worst’ assets in others as drastically dramatised versions of yourself, reflected right back at you.

That’s right – what you’re most upset about in others right now comes back to you. It comes back to the choices you have made in the kind of people you have attracted and chose to get intimately involved with.

It is a time to make a decision about whether you have invested wisely in your affairs with others by taking stock of what you experience being returned here.

Naturally things will either be easy or just tense. If you see yourself as expecting too much, or your partner expecting too much from you, then you might come to realise that any further expectations might be difficult to persist with, and this is probably the best time to get to the heart, to terminate the source of any tensions and be done with it.

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