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Sunday, 15 May

MOOD REPORT: ☽ ☌♃ , □♂/♄, ☍♆, △☿/♀

[pic: Frances Endercott]
[pic: Frances Endercott]
Picky-fussy Virgo Moon, now on steroids (☌♃) sets up the propensity for moral issues to be blown totally out of all proportion at the drop of a hat. A scenario not uncommon to many of us lately with this ♃ □ ♄ becoming so tight.

An almost pedantic righteousness pervades us all. It’s like something should or shouldn’t be done, but the issue is so charged with over-inflated emotional energy that the only outcome seems to be an unnecessary sense of guilt.

Put into the context of an overly touchy defensiveness to any criticism (♄ □ ♆) and you have a scenario filled with such negative reactions that the whole thing is prone to implode.

Malefics ♂/ ♄, both ℞ in♐, have a canny knack of making us feel bad about not being disciplined enough. It doesn’t really take much for some fucker to come along and activate our guilt/blame switch and we’re off, spiralling into that tailspin of anguish and despair.

This tendency lately (particularly for sensitives) to attract and absorb such harsh negative psychic energy (often without being fully aware) makes us quite vulnerable to becoming impregnated with all sorts of heavy, negative emotions.

Fortunately, you now have the ability to instinctively see any subtle forces that may oppress you (☽ △☿/♀). By limiting your field of activity and moving yourself into a simple, natural, calming and supportive environments, you can help to soothe the situation.

Ultimately, nothing will make you feel as purposeful and secure as when working steadily and persistently on a creative project – preferably in your own, sacred space of solitude.

Try that.

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