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Saturday, 14 May


  Mercury 16°57’Rx Conjunction Venus 16°57′
  Ch Sun 24°26′ Sextile Chiron 24° 26′

Come now…

Can’t you see? It’s easy to let go of all the insignificant matters and focus on what’s most important to you, spiritually. It’s time to break through onto a new dimension of reality, a path never before travelled, a dream more possible to manifest in the here/now because it is not only relevant to your own personal evolution, but also to what this world; this culture; this social milieu deems most important.

Cease to rate your self-worth by exterior or superficial standards – those standards will soon make little difference to the way things will want to be remembered. At best, they will make you look foolish if you continue to judge yourself this way.

Step onto a path of critical importance, see yourself as a being who is assisting this world to change by facilitating the spiritual process of others. Allow the deeper essence of things, their true meaning to emerge by not placing the projections of your own ego upon them.

Your identity and sense of purpose is now becoming shaped by wonderful new experiences of higher dimensional realities. Do not discount these, but do not become confused or befuddled by these piercing new perceptions. Remain grounded. The divine messages you are receiving now are serving to guide you and create great new opportunities towards your spiritual growth.

Look to the mavericks, the mystic healers and the wildmen for true guidance, for these are not afraid to go against the established order. Become comfortable with those who exemplify these roles, for it is these who hold the keys to healing and understanding that is most necessary to assist you and others in the discovery of life’s true meaning and purpose.

Only these can bring you hope, away from the growing despair of the structured, conventional world’s woes over its crumbling veneer.

If you feel like a stranger, wandering around in a strange land, like your perceptions of reality and your role in it are not only unconventional, but cause you to feel estranged, alienated, then perhaps you have been blessed with the remarkable ability to read and understand the subtle energies and spiritual realities that hover above this three-dimensional world of pain, fear and division. Perhaps you have been chosen to deliver greater insight into humankind.

See how you are assisting to bring to light those ideas and energies which are exactly what is needed to heal those around you, often doing this without consciously knowing it.

Identify the with your true gypsy spirit, embrace your self as being a citizen of the world but of no particular place, suspend measuring your experiences against the relative nature of time, and get busy with the work of dismantling the human race from its romantic attachment to the past and its toxic cult of sentimentality.

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