Pisces/Pisces Rising – (May 13 – 20)

Could be real, might be imagined but either way, there’s definitely a struggle with you now to sell your ideas to others in a way where they are going to be accepted as being of true value. Of course, your mind may be a veritable treasure trove of fancy plans and lofty visions for the future, but the most real thing we’re seeing from you is the challenge you meet in trying to translate these dreams into practical efforts that aim to yield tangible results. ……(read more….)

Actually, to be totally for real here, there is nothing you can’t pull off with just a little self-discipline. Look at fellow Piscean Michelangelo… the guy’s dream life was projected onto cathedral ceilings and marble statues… It’s true, when you’re inspired with the magic from the divine realms, your mind can really translate heaven into your art-form here on earth.

You just have to get over feelings of inordinate vagueness, impracticality and inadequacy.

Inertia may be your biggest problem. Once you get going, it’s all downhill. Try taking some Hornbeam Flower Essence. That will help with those Monday-itis type doldrums.

Another challenge may be that you’re feeling daunted by those in your life who seem really quite demanding on your performance of little chores for them. If you indiscriminately let others in by creating an impression that you don’t mind doing them favours, then just know that you’re helping create a slippery slope where you end down at the bottom, not wanting to do much for anyone.

Just because others ask you to do something does not mean you need to indulge them every time. Often, doing the ‘right’ thing by others is doing the best thing by yourself. Sure, your ability for sacrifice is a strong trait, but unless you find the most appropriate ‘sacrifice’ for you, you might find yourself feeling a bit depleted and demotivated to do anything.

It’s best that you are clear on your boundaries about what you can or cannot do for others before you go ahead, just to avoid any resentment later on.

With Neptune hovering your sign these years, there’s not a lot of beans in your coffee for the wasting anyway. Conserving and measuring your contribution, particularly towards others, is paramount to your giving the maximum effect blessed by this wonderful transit.

Of course, it is important to be of service to others, especially if they are in serious need. Use your intuition to guide you to find the most appropriate, most sustainable solution to alleviate another’s problem. Be certain that you calculate and communicate clearly all the terms and conditions of what you plan to give-and-take in advance so there are no hard feelings or misunderstandings. If there are any grey areas, it’s best you don’t commit. Don’t get evasive, or slip into your little white lies to squelch out either – just be it clear that you’re either unclear on what’s involved or don’t have the full resources to attribute and politely move on to matters that you value most of all.

If you are genuine, there won’t be any resentments or regrets.

You may also find your partner (or significant party in your world) is probably weighing a bit too heavily upon you for support right now. This can inspire acts of kindness and teamwork that can enrich your relationship in the long run (like making an investment that requires some degree of sacrifice now for a pay-out later), or you might both find yourselves spiralling down the cycle of constant practical/emotional interdependency, particularly if either or both of you are genuinely not completely devoted to serving the relationship’s ongoing future needs.

Be clear about what needs to be done between you.

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  1. Ang, I’m going to try that Hornblower essence that you suggested. Hope all is well on your side of the world. I so enjoyed our conversation. Lacy (Janis) Weston

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