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Mercury over the Pluto/Node midpoint

A phenomenal shift is happening to our collective perception of reality….

Can you feel it?

Suddenly it is becoming far easier for one to read into another person; penetrate through their mind and to discern their true motives. It is becoming a new skill for humans.

However, one must be still…

Completely silent.
It is not so easy to still the mind… to watch, listen…

In this mode, it is as if one can literally see the flow of intellectual energy emanating out of others, rapidly judge which direction it is pointing, assessing whether this energy actually benefits or it maligns our interests.

Is this something that you may be experiencing?

Do you see the connections that you are engaging in operating at a highly vivid, intensely clear stream of communication, or do they seem toxic, violating, manipulative or corrupt?

Mercury’s recent retrograde meant that the planet’s movement was slower around 14°♉20′ where it became stationary. This made Mercury’s influence in Taurus quite intense. Much assessment and appraisal has been going on, but the process, if one is still enough, is really a lot more subtle that many would notice.

We do notice though. Things either “sit well” with us or they don’t. And we don’t give it much more. We either accept something or are happy to plod on to the next thing, or be left alone.

As our collective mind is being ‘upgraded’ with this brand new faculty, it begins to sift through the morass of all current signals and compares them to previously stored memories, then begins to sort between those of true value and those that are worthless to us in the present. Thus, it gradually allows us to clear away any useless past experiences, creating space for the future.

It is akin to clearing space on one’s computer hard-disk-drive.

Whole cultures are on the verge of crumbling now, just from this simple shift away from holding and preserving thoughts and memories in a fixed way..

Actually, those of you who are familiar with how the data-storage world works these days, may also be aware that many individuals are now opting to not store personal data onto their limited local storage systems (personal hard drives). Similarly so with our minds. We choose to not to remember ‘useless information’. We dump that stuff to make our mindspace lighter, less burdened with ideas that are freely available if only we share them with those in our network..

We prefer, instead to store and access data via the ‘cloud’ – a third-party storage facility that is uniformly accessible on demand through the net. We share our data onto social collective via cloud media. It is a huge evolutionary leap, but it is happening.

Of course, it is not entirely clear to us whether those third party providers are working in the best interests of the client/collective – meaning that we’re not sure that they do not tamper (censor/withhold), harvest or corrupt our ideas for their own, self-serving ends or betray the security or confidentiality of the information we entrust to them.

But then, we also know that we care less about being so precious about the things we care to share.

Of course, some are able to exploit this to the fullest by exerting a very compelling, very magnetically intense influence over the thoughts and opinions of both individuals and large groups (even nations).

But such is the influence of this unique combination, presented now as a grand earth trine that there is an increasing urge now to seek out others who think along the same lines as we do, a near obsession to meet the ‘right’ people; to form the most ‘propitious’ connections; the most ‘worthwhile/influential’ people; to foster and develop our own thoughts and ideas. Conversely, there is also a tendency for some to wilfully exploit, to divest, to terminate, or even abuse certain contacts whose role is seen more as collateral for the manipulation or the drain of their personal/material resources.

Similarly, governments and corporations may, at this time choose to manipulate the masses by concealing or withholding vital information, or selectively sharing information which is designed to manipulate or sway the collective mindset.

Due to its retrograde period through Taurus, Mercury sustains near proximity to this midpoint for weeks, and eventually (in direct motion) passes it for last time on May 31. By this time many of us will have either become fully practiced at employing our foolproof, no-nonsense mental discernment, or have completely surrendered our minds to a much more powerful collective force. The Pluto/North Node trine becomes exact on Friday June 17.

As Orwell noted in “1984”: “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.” He was speaking, of course, about control of written history, all recorded data, and how we choose to store it and to share it. This in itself is a very dangerous predicament. Should our collective thoughts and information become controlled or censored by governments or privately owned databank operators, then, so too are our minds in danger of being played.

It is important now to be aware of anyone who is trying to manipulating thoughts or language for their own, political/material benefits.

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