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Mars opposition Venus – WHERE IS THE LOVE?

Next to the whole ‘happy/sad syndrome‘ going on with Jupiter/Saturn – which has been the anathema of our recent days, is this other thing with Mars. Well… Mars and Venus actually.
But firstly, a few things about Mars:
  • red planet of anger/war, acts in offence/defensive situations
  • currently in retrograde (energy directed inward)
  • closest it has been to earth (most intensely felt) in a decade (May 31)
  • currently in opposition to Gemini Sun (offensive situations with others, flare ups)
  • opposition to Venus….

So Venus:

  • Planet of attraction/peace, functions to warm the heart for love and affection
  • Just moved into Gemini, bringing an all embracing sympathy, charm, courtesy and cooperative attitude, but also a superficiality.
  • Farthest from the earth (on June 6) since October 2014 
  • Superior conjunction to Sun, means we won’t be seeing her for a while
  • opposition to Mars…

So, the planet of war is nice & close, a bit introverted which makes him irritable and surly, about to go into brooding, vengeful Scorpio, and in opposition to the planet of peace & love, who is so distant we can hardly see her, hiding behind that amazingly bright star, Sol.

Venus/Mars oppositions usually arouse a great deal of passion because of the love/hate dichotomy, and we have been seeing a lot of polar oppositions lately, especially the recent Full Moon – one of two in Sagittarius this year, where Venus/Mars were also in the mix.

This polarisation of the masculine against the feminine is most intense this week, yet in a strange and very rare juxtaposition where ☽/♂ was up against ☉/♀.

It is a telling point brewing against the backdrop of greater dynamic aspects forming a T-Square by social planets ♃ /♄ /♆. These are intensifying as we head into the New Moon on June 6, where☉/☽/♀ will form a Grand Square in mutable signs.

We have now officially entered the transgenderisation zone. A period where masculine becomes feminised and feminine masculinised – almost in a military fashion.

At this critical turning point in time we see the commencement of an intense, most confronting period in our history, an interpersonal struggle that has been seething within and around us since October 2014 (Aries Blood Moon), when traditional cultural ways became unrooted to lend themselves to the extremities of both left and right. These percolating themes are amassing into this critical manifestation of what was always lurking, just waiting to be…

Of course, this June 6, 2016, when Venus becomes furthest from us also marks the exact 4-year anniversary of her ultra-rare inferior conjunction (known as the ‘transit of Venus’). It is on this date many strange things were beginning to occur on this planet, in our relationships, our marriages and love affairs – including the coming of the neo-cosmic shift of consciousness (21/12/2012) ushered in by a series of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares (2012-15). Since June 6, 2012, we have seen a gradual division unfolding between the masculine/feminine, exemplified beautifully (and most intensely in our relationships) by the great cosmic drama playing out between the sexes.

In this division, suppressed for aeons and still – until recently – buried deep beneath much cultural pressure (even within traditional marriage), lay a dormant volatility, a strong evanescence of an atmosphere which has been silently and slowly edging towards its own extremism, each side with its own utopian ideas, each polarising the other towards its own extreme diametric ends, creating a stand-offish stalemate until now, where both sides are splitting right down the middle.

Yes, polarisation is a good way to garner support if you’re openly running a campaign to win an election or cunningly planning to wage war, but it’s also a good way to create ruin and havoc over any formerly cohesive population.

On either side of what is now fomenting to be a potentially turbulent conflict, also exists a great opportunity to demonstrate compassion and to diminish hatred based on respecting and honouring one another’s basic humanity.

A kind of love/hate dynamic is building, and we are about to see how this complex struggle between two very extreme ways brings us toward the ultimate frustration with ourselves and the world we choose to relate to. We learn to stand in our own space, very forcefully, even angrily, but we choose to do this with respect as well.

Without such a respect, the 3D world of fear-fuelled ignorance and uninformed assumptions, attachment to cultural prejudices, desperation to feed basic human needs, or panicked uncertainty of the moment has the potential to explode into violence.

Can you see most pronouncedly now, in the polarised world of strikingly stark contrasts how you are both capable of bringing both great sacrifice and compassion, and bitter dismay and disgust (anger) in the quest to realise your utopian dreams and romantic ideals?

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