Libra/Libra Rising

[art: christian schloe]
[art: christian schloe]

With a swathe of personal planets, including your Sun ruler, Venus, in your eighth house, there is a compelling need to get seriously involved with someone who shares your strong desire for warm, affectionate, dependable, sociable relations right now. Things can be delicious and intense, and of course, as usual, you are on your very best behaviour, which you consider an excellent investment to win someone who attracts you……(read more….)

More than ever you are most curious to examine all kinds of subjects, the deeper and more profound the juicier. With Mercury also in your eighth, you analyse everyone and everything that catches your eye, and this includes your own behaviour, mostly because you’re curious to know how and why things work at the most deepest, more intrinsic psychological level.

So this new moon will either make or break any devotional ties that you may hold to those things you have most intense interest in. If things are practicably unsatisfactory, dumb or a bit boring, there could be great upheaval and change. Conversely, if things are working for you, bringing you the joy and pleasure that your senses most desire, then this is a time when you go deeper and cement a stronger bond to those whom you come to invest in.

Of course with Mars and Saturn both retrograde in your third, your need to express your physical desires seems hampered or frustrated at the moment. This may be because your focus and emphasis is mostly centred around fine tuning the mental/psychological ins and outs that motivate your significant affairs.

If a genuine intimacy is not forthcoming, that’s fine, you’re capable of patiently (or stubbornly) working through the process of adjustment and fine-tuning, setting the terms of how you like to be appreciated, and how best to conduct some cordiality between you as partners.

Pluto’s slow journey through your fourth only impresses that strong spiritual dedication to serving the needs of those broken, wounded and beaten fellow souls to whom you relate very strongly. But they are more tied to your past, they are not necessarily your present, and may be holding you down if you attach yourself too strongly now. Jupiter in your 12th house creates a grand trine, only enhancing your sensitivity to other people’s needs and weaknesses, as if ordaining your whole mission to help others as something of a divine calling.

Stay vigilant against spending too much time and energy in self-indulgent activities. Learn to draw the line between what is genuinely a situation in which you can make some sort of significant impact, and what just simply amounts to be a needy waste of your time and efforts.

The big deal this month is to show others how to sustain themselves by using their own basic resources more effectively. Focus your efforts on using your inimitable leadership and counselling skills to show them how to motivate themselves when they lack the initiative or the enthusiasm to help themselves.

New Moon Intention

I must be willing to accept that my success or failure of my intimate relationships is directly proportionate to the commitment I can show others.

I will acknowledge that my own personal growth, as well as the freedom to express myself creatively, derives all satisfaction from how I can best be of benefit to others. In this, I must fight the  compulsive urge to act in belligerently childish ways to draw attention to myself. Similarly, I must learn to manage the interference from children and pet projects in my pursuits to achieve a deeper, more meaningful connection in life.

I must resist insulating myself to avoid their continued calling upon my resources or time. I must accept that I am good at certain things and must endeavour to place value upon these and market them freely to those who come to afford them.

I will grow through helping others solve their problems in the areas I claim my expertise. In any encounter, I must make the terms and conditions of my services specifically clear, as well as what rewards I wish to claim for my hard work.

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