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Leo/Leo Rising – (May 13 – 20)

Let’s just say this – there isn’t really much you can’t accomplish right now. If only you can just bring your (slight) overbearingness under control by exercising just (slight) bit of self-discipline…. Not much, just slightly. The most impressive roadshows require a superior front-person, and you – you are one such persona, ready to take the lead. Just one thing – you need to understand the full scope of your strengths and your limitations if you’re going to take this show on the road.

Know yourself.

Being able to handle any emotional frustration is going to give you the kind of stability and determination that you might need to withstand further conflicts –  it is actually these conflicts that you need most to stimulate you into utilising your greatest creative potential to solve future problems.

Just know, this is about the future. And what you learn to deal with now is important – not just for you, but everyone.

It might be a little easier  for you to see how you may eventually rise to prominence. Finding the authority within you to motivate others will win you the support to further your career objectives, and is essentially going to help them to reach their goal too.

Of course, objectors to your seeming steady, unstoppable progress may be quick to disapprove of or dismiss you now, so it’s important that you prepare yourself for any abrasive situations that you might encounter.

Try not to get ‘offended’ and explode into your usual bouts of tearing others into shreds, particularly over vanity issues. Being a good brawler is hardly sustainable, and becomes hard work in the end.

It’s important to establish some sort of boundary or defence against any emotionally painful abrasions from others, especially those closest to you, otherwise your overall effectiveness could become severely diminished. Remember, the best defence is never to take anything personally.

People do come to expect a lot from you right now, and you are eager to reach out to them. Just make sure that you don’t slink back into any emotionally vulnerable or infantile behaviour. That stuff just makes you look incapable of withstanding any difficulties, and that would be a pity for someone as capable (and slightly proud of it) as you.

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