Mars in Scorpio ~ Cosmic Scopes

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  1. Vanessa Christine

    I recently wrote this poem and this post reminded me of it. (I have Scorpio rising, by the way). I hope it’s okay if I share it here…

    This is the moment 
    When all the demons 
    From your past 
    Threaten to steal 
    All your hopes and dreams
    Of ever having a future 

    This is the moment 
    When they rise up
    After being buried 
    And starved of life
    By all the lies you told yourself
    So you could simply breathe 

    This is the moment 
    When you wrestle
    To suffocate 
    And stifle them
    Into weak obscurity
    Just so you can exist

    This is the moment 
    That turns into forever
    When you subdue the demons
    That will keep you their prisoner
    Until you can invite them 
    To be heard and accepted

    Vanessa Christine © 2016

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