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Friday, 6 May, ☽♉☌♀⊼ ♂/ ♄


[pic: Niall Scanlon]
The moon seeks a nice, comfy place in Taurus, and as she joins hands with the love goddess Venus, there is an abundance of beauty and harmony to share.

But it doesn’t take much to become irritable now, and love can turn to friction in a fraction of a second. The Mars influence hits off in such a way that things can go from peaceful and serene one minute to storms and hailstones the next. And moments later, clear blue skies again.

What’s all this about? Seems paradoxical.

A period of readjustment is now occurring. We are only starting to acclimatise ourselves with coming down to earth. For many, it can be a daunting experience. All our lives we have been educated to believe that things are a certain lofty way. Our reality has been conditioned to reflect a certain cultural programming. Today we seem a little uneasy that this ‘reality’ may just not necessarily be the most comforting situation.

As we start to come back down to earth, notice ourselves coming back into our physical bodies, occupy our physical space, we also see how all the rules and guidelines under which we have been raised (and continue to be hurled our way) really grate against us. It’s enough to make us very upset, bust into defensive storms, very quickly, and go from peace to war in just a flash.

It’s a real inner-outer thing. A period of much re-adjustment between what we know and what we don’t want to know, what we need and what we don’t, what we love and makes us feel nice against what upsets us. Whilst we may not have an answer on how to bring these things into balance just yet, we are at least prepared to do the work to find out.

Be wise that upsets and emotional storms may easily occur today. Know too that these can be as fleeting as they need to be. With a New Moon about to dawn, it’s all food for thought about what will shape our new intention to ground ourselves this month.

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  1. Oh me oh my.
    I did exactly that, though my hand was still visible! to the Man I fell in love with, turned into the most abusive event of my life as an adult..

    Thats when I was sent a link from a friend on phycopaths..

    A great acter though..

    its what stripped me bare, and maybe what still resonates..

    May all be welland happy and free from suffering..

    Tears just happened.. Ta then eh..

  2. Over a year ago now..
    Transform Madam.. em bodied prefered
    om om om

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